Honeymoon: 5 exclusive destinations to get out of the ordinary

In the wedding market, all processes are involved by trends and traditions: from the bride’s dress to the party sweets. And, as expected, the honeymoon also has its most frequent recommendations. And these usually include the routes most chosen by couples.

However, it is possible to have an exclusive experience, different and rich in details. You just have to choose places that are not trivial. So, how about getting out of the ordinary and enjoying an unforgettable trip? I have separated 5 destinations that will surprise you!


By Luciano Martins
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5 Honeymoon Trends

If you are already planning your honeymoon, but want to leave the trivial, then you are in the right place! In fact, the following tips are a trend in travel for couples, so keep an eye out!


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Romance in Japan

This is a destination that unites tradition and modernity. So, if you want to get up close to what the Japanese lifestyle is like, go to Hokane, a country town with natural pools and a beautiful view of Mount Fuji. There, get to know the experience of a  ryokan , a typical inn that allows a true cultural immersion.

But, if you really like the bustle of a metropolis, prefer Tokyo! This is a cosmopolitan capital, where you will enjoy a gigantic gastronomic variety and check out what is most high-tech in the country. In fact, in such a culturally rich place, the honeymoon in Japan can be a unique experience, if that is the profile of the couple.


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Rest in the Maldives

“Surreal!” it is usually the first comment from anyone traveling to the Maldives. And it is no wonder that tourists are welcomed by the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean. This beautiful island country made up of more than a thousand islands is a destination located close to the Equator. This keeps temperatures stable throughout the year.

To enjoy this paradise on your honeymoon, it is best to stay on the most distant islands of the capital. Malé, which has 150 thousand inhabitants, many buildings and motorbikes, is a very busy city. Still, it is worth taking as a final tour to get to know the local culture and the natives better.


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Historical trip in Croatia

Now, for couples who are interested in medieval environments, this is the perfect honeymoon destination.

To get a sense, the country served as the setting in several filming of the Game of Thrones series. But the historic air is not its only attraction. Bathed by the Mediterranean, its blue waters resemble the hue of the Caribbean sea, even thousands of kilometers away.

In addition, the south of the country is formed by more than a thousand islands! In them, the peninsulas and bays are so stunning that they resemble the Greek coast. In Hvar, in addition to the beaches, it is also possible to visit the photogenic lavender fields.

This is not a very common itinerary, but Croatia’s landscapes are also quite romantic!


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Honeymoon in Thailand

An exotic place with paradisiacal beaches and breathtaking landscapes: this is Thailand. Although champion in tourism in Southeast Asia, it is possible to enjoy the honeymoon better if you choose the south of the country. Koh Lanta, for example, is a destination not well known by Brazilians. The tranquility, the deserted beaches and the preserved nature of the place will guarantee a landscape show to enjoy for two.

To learn more about Thai culture and cuisine, visit the capital Bangkok. There, enjoy the amazing scenarios that unite temples and modern buildings. I’m sure you will be amazed by the beauty and effervescence of the city.


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Spirituality in Indonesia

For couples who are interested in spirituality at the beginning of their life as a couple, the Indonesian archipelago is an option to consider as a honeymoon destination.

Bali, for example, is the most visited island and the only Hindu in the country, which gives it a unique charm and a peacefulness that is reflected in the very welcoming people. But, if the focus is adventure, it will be difficult to choose the preferred experiences given the gigantic variety of mountain trails and river rafting . The immaculate nature and specific customs of Hindu culture can make Indonesia your unforgettable honeymoon!


How to plan the honeymoon

However, to enjoy good hotels, enjoy walks that fit the couple’s personality and live a unique experience, careful planning is necessary.

But, even researching on your own, there are several specific details to think about before such an important trip. Especially if the chosen destination is in countries very different from ours. So it is important to seek professional help.

PERFECTRIP offers a refined concierge service and a specialist in setting up perfect trips, especially for honeymoon itineraries .

And don’t think that this is an ordinary agency! Its differential is that recommendations are made by those who have personally experienced each destination. It is this care that makes each tour unique and personalized!


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