An honest conversation about prospecting customers

One of the most common challenges in sales is how to prospect efficiently. This step of gaining new customers in a business process is perhaps the one that needs to be most efficient. Lead qualification depends entirely on making the most empathetic negotiation possible in a healthy way.

It is at this stage that numerous fundamental aspects begin to emerge that become a primary source for obtaining information about customers. In addition, it clearly brings a fine clarity in filtering worthwhile opportunities.

Therefore, it is important to develop a commercial flow that looks not only at the quantity of prospects as a successful brand, but that is careful to note the quality they have. It doesn’t matter how many negotiations take place, but rather, how much of them can actually become viable business.

This means that it is useless to seek a better result believing only that it is linked to making thousands of calls and sending many emails, but being able to become strategic in a clear planning approach, to be increasingly intelligent in secure communication and know, in fact, the reality of those who can become customers.

In this sense, having a structure that helps to deal with contacts, requires that you know how to set the tone in conversations and in the efficient way to approach during sales.

Empathy is the best prospecting weapon

When we are talking about looking for potential buyers for the solutions we offer, we have to keep in mind that the business has to make sense for two ends.

Many commercial teams, eager to hit goals and create numbers of potential sales, do not think about how they can offer a solution that, first, really solves a customer’s essential pain. And second, they need to create a bridge that fully meets the expectations of a more promising future reality for him.

When we talk about complex sales – that is, extensive processes and multiform flows, which often involve more elaborate and lengthy contracts and the processing of larger values ​​- the prospecting work is almost like a careful mining, which is basically made of relationship and neutralization of objections.

In all cases, there are several channels and points of contact that need to be established for strategies and objectives to move towards a concrete reality.

You need to understand what dynamics your customer prefers

It is one thing for the sales team to look for sales opportunities in contacts that are made in a direct, active and more energetic way, that is, contact with the customer happens directly.

And another is due to incentives, triggers and actions that are created through marketing or sales positions that can arouse the interest of this curious and thereby generate the rapprochement between customer and opportunity.

There is no better method than the other. The trick is to understand how your customers like to be approached. Of course, for that, they need to create monitoring metrics in order to understand the possible improvements in their strategies.

In addition to understanding what the strongest channel could be, the manager has to look at the data and learn more about which approach method is most efficient. And from there, create a database and identify the profile and which product or service works best with each one.

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Understanding data is getting ahead

If you are wondering why planning with data improves your prospecting, we still have a lot to talk about . The truth is that, like it or not, selling does not depend only on talent, but on science.

The current market requires not only the ability to persuade, the sensitivity of connecting people to products, but also carries with it a certain intelligence of numbers that point to important points of its commercial operation.

It is precisely data that predefines the most efficient paths, but, in addition, they also help managers and salespeople to understand what are the main problems that prevent them from achieving new results.

The main part of prospecting is generating enough data to make you understand and remedy the most common matrix of objections. Understanding the various challenges and refusals, they eliminate the chance of a future problem in the negotiation. It is on this track that a CRM system operates.

The art of contacting people and turning them into customers is also a science. It is necessary to test, generate data and improve processes. If you have difficulty qualifying potential customers and have better control of interactions to make more accurate follow-ups, do a free trial on Moskit CRM and have a record of your operation and generate crucial information to improve the openness of communication with leads and consequently, the closing of new businesses.

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