Homemade tricks and care to whiten clothes

That white outfit, looking new and looking like it came out of the closet for the first time. Dream scene of any lover of the lightest looks, isn’t it? The white pieces are basic, they decorate very well with prints and light tones and, mainly, they can be used in any occasion. However, in order to maintain their beauty, it is necessary to pay a little more attention when cleaning.

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Unlike what happens with colored pieces, for example, white clothes should not be added to the washing process when black and colored clothes are also in it, as there is a risk of stains.

Who does not have much experience, believes that the result of perfect white can be obtained only with the use of specific products to target the pieces, which generally have a little high cost. But with some homemade tricks it is possible to make clothes even whiter, like new. Follow our tips and test them today!

10 tips to lighten your clothes

1. Labels

Before starting any washing process, it is recommended to read all the instructions on the parts labels. Depending on the material of the garment, different washing methods must be applied.

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Also observe the instructions on how to dry the fabrics: some must dry in the sun, while some clothes can only dry in the shade. In addition to washing clothes properly, especially white ones, you will avoid wearing out the pieces and keep the white alive.

2. Makeup

To remove makeup stains on white pieces, mix two equal parts of water and vinegar and apply over the stains. Leave on for approximately 30 minutes and wash clothes as usual, by hand or in the washing machine.

3. Oil

Oil stains also tend to impregnate and compromise light clothing. In this case, just apply a small amount of talcum powder directly on the stain and wait for its total absorption. It is interesting that the talc remains for 24 hours. After that time, wash the parts as normal.

4. Softener

When using the fabric softener, it is very common to pour it directly into the washing machine compartment. However, this can stain white parts.

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The ideal, in this case, is to dilute the fabric softener in a little water and mix it with the clothes. At the end of the wash, it is necessary to rinse well, since the remains of the product can also cause stains.

5. Hot water

Hot water is a great ally in removing stains, in addition to making them much whiter. The high temperature – or even warmer – softens the fabric fibers and enhances the effects of soap and other products, removing stains more easily. The warm water can be used for both manual and machine washing.

6. Sun

In the team of natural bleaches, the sun is a great hand on the wheel. For sunlight to help clean white clothes, just lather them with mild soap or coconut soap and leave them exposed to the sun.

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Some people prefer to put the pieces in black plastic bags and leave them in the sun. Both ways are acceptable and effective. Just be aware of the frequency of this type of washing, as the sun and excessive heat can damage the fabric of the clothes.

7. Machine

It is possible to obtain incredibly white clothes, even washing them in the machine. The secret is to use 1 cup of coconut soap, 1 cup of alcohol and 1 cup of special homemade fabric softener for white clothes, the recipe of which we will show you shortly, in this same article). Using this mixture, it is unnecessary to use washing powder or bleach.

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8. Rest in the sauce

‘Letting clothes soak’ is a very old tradition, however, with the emergence of new products some people have forgotten this trick. For the clothes to get a brighter white, use the tip of 555: mix 5 liters of hot water + 5 tablespoons (salt) + 5 tablespoons (sodium bicarbonate). Add the pieces and let them soak for 6 hours. Then, proceed normally with the washing, giving preference to the neutral soap and the homemade softener.

When resulting in a homogeneous mixture, the homemade fabric softener can be added to the clothes. There are those who prefer a more special aroma: in this case, it is worth adding essences of almonds, lavender, coconut or any other of your choice.

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Homemade Softener Recipe

  • 2 cups of water + 1 cup of vinegar + 1 cup of baking soda
  • Mix all the water and vinegar. Gradually, add the bicarbonate and mix it with the help of a spatula. As bicarbonate is effervescent, when it comes into contact with water it will create a lot of foam. Therefore, the ideal is to mix carefully.

9. Boil

Before taking the parts to the machine, let them boil for a few minutes in a mixture of water + lemon. After approximately 10 minutes, wash your clothes normally and start the washing process in the machine.

10. Drying

You can use all the tricks to whiten your outfit. But when he goes to put the garment on the clothesline, dirt brought by the air sticks to the clothes, soiling and staining it. To avoid this problem, which is very common and recurring, the ideal is to turn the pieces inside out and hang them in this way on the clothesline. If dirt sticks, it will be inside the piece.

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Extra washing tips

  • To wash kitchen curtains and make them very clear, soak them in water with 1 tablespoon of bicarbonate. Keep them soaking until the water cools. Then wash the curtains as you normally do.
  • When washing any parts in the machine, especially the white ones, add 1 spoon of bicarbonate diluted in a glass of water. At the end of the wash, do a final rinse with ammonia diluted in water.
  • Do not mix white pieces with colored pieces, since colored clothing will color and stain the rest. Choose to do two separate washes: a round with only white clothes and another with colored and black pieces.
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