Homemade traps to scare away and kill rats and mice

Do you have a problem at home with rats and need  homemade traps ? Wondering how to catch a rat ? Do you need an effective mouse trap ?

Are you looking for how to make homemade mouse traps ? Do you want to know which are the most effective killings ?

You have reached the indicated article, then we will solve all these and many more questions. We start!

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These traps that we show you are rat traps that you can perform at home and traps that you can buy against rats and mice.

If you have panic or disgust at rats and mice , and you also have this problem at home or at work, don’t worry! It is more common than you think.

Before getting into the subject, we want to explain that if you can’t catch mice and rats, you can always buy raticides in our online store. Here we offer some of the best selling rodenticides:

You may be looking for traps for large rats or for small mice. In any case, in this article we will tell you how to build homemade traps for rats and mice that you can do yourself economically.

Generally, these animals do not want to harm anyone, they are only in search of a place to eat and generally live, especially during the cold or rainy seasons.

The problem is that they transmit diseases , which can bite our pets and even a child. In addition, rodents usually reproduce miraculously fast.

17 homemade traps for rats and mice

To avoid this and getting to work, we bring you a list of homemade traps to kill or keep away rats and mice .

Some of these options are homemade traps to catch rats and others are traps to kill rats and eliminate them completely.

We recommend these traps for homemade rats depending on the severity and the amount of rodents you have. Among all the ones we present, you will surely find the one you need!


Keep the rats and mice with Cotton and Vinegar

Since rats and mice, like many insects have a great aversion to vinegar, this will be our trap.

It serves to keep them away but not to kill them.


  • Rubber or plastic gloves
  • Vinegar
  • Cotton balls
  • A container

Search meticulously at home for fecal matter or food crumbs, remember that if you have a mouse at home it is sure to be quite small, a rat is something else, they are usually larger and more dangerous.

Watch out for that! Check the cracks, cabinets, corners, small spaces, attic, all the places where you think they can hide.

The smell of vinegar is what they dislike, so you should prepare cotton balls just before using it so they don’t dry out.

Add the vinegar to several cotton balls, as many as necessary, since the cotton is not usually expensive you can put many in all the places where you suspect that our little enemy can hide or through the places where it can travel , these spaces are the kitchen!

Homemade rat trap in small houses

This trap will certainly not kill or truly keep the rodent away from our house if we are not constant and we are waiting for the smell to be truly exaggerated.

Use this measure if you only have one mouse and your house is small, if you do not have so much time to add vinegar every so often, but only occasionally, this operation will not take the animal out of the house or kill it, but at least We will be able to keep specific places such as our pantry or food store.


Create your trap to ward off rodents with peppermint oil

Peppermint oil is an excellent trap for killing mice and for rats.

It has an extremely strong smell for rodents, so that they will avoid it at all costs even if you know that you have one at home with placing a few drops of peppermint oil in the places where you think it can hide will make it decide to move.

It serves to keep them away but not to kill them.

Put one or two drops depending on how you perceive the smell in a cotton ball.

Replace them every 5 or 7 days if you don’t have mice as a preventive way.

Repel rats and mice with viper feces

Cat feces also work quite well as one of the homemade rat traps, but since they smell pretty bad we will lean towards the vipers’ feces.

You can get these feces at a pet store or ask a friend who has a viper as a pet to give you some of their dry feces.

Leave these in frequent places for the rodent in transit places. This will cause him to move away and even leave. It serves to keep them away but not to kill them.

Repel rats and mice with Ultrasound

These are electronic ultrasonic boxes, sold and not as expensive.

They emit a signal only perceptible to rodents , they hate these sounds and move away.

Be careful that this may work for a while! Rodents tend to get used to ultrasonic emissions. However, if your new guest is recent this will make him decide to move.

Be original, adopt a cat

This is a real homemade trap for hunting mice and rats.

It is public knowledge that cats and rats and mice do not get along well. If you wonder how to kill a mouse that is bothering your house, think of a cat.

The presence of this is an excellent homemade trap against him.

So a cat at home can save you a lot of problems, it is not even necessary to buy one, just that you adopt even for a while while doing his job will be enough, of course if you want to keep it much better!

We recommend this measure if rodent infection is very serious, at least three cats will end the outbreak and only one will prevent this from happening again.

Know which birds of prey that live in nearby areas

This idea may be long term, but believe me if you manage to have a bird of prey near home you will never see a mouse nearby.

The same happens with cats, they are excellent homemade traps at a very low cost, we faithfully believe in the food chain!

A barn owl is the best, likewise the family of birds of prey is quite wide.

Use Organic Atomizers

Yes, this exists.

In fact, many companies specializing in organic and natural products manufacture this type of atomizer either for the garden or for our enclosed spaces (cupboards, pantries, etc.)

These “splash” are much more friendly to our environment, than the poison we talked about below and much less dangerous for our children and pets.

These products are usually made with natural products based on mint .

The homemade trap for hunting rats and mice: the glass vessel

This trap is only and exclusively for hunting rats or mice , not for killing them. If you’re looking to build mouse traps without killing them, this may be a good option.

The materials that we are going to use in this trap are not harmful to the mouse or the environment.


  • Clear glass
  • Metal springs
  • Clips
  • Metal nut

This trap is quite efficient and as we have seen, no major things are needed.

At the end of hunting mice we can reuse all materials for their primary purpose.

Any glass container we have at home works, a mayonnaise container, a glass, a jar, even a light bulb!

In our chosen glass container, turned upside down, we will put a biscuit or bread stick attached to the dock.

The tilt of the glass will allow the mouse to enter.

When it is inside our glass container once it begins to gnaw the cookie stick and it breaks, the glass or glass container will fall leaving the mouse trapped inside the container, we will see it finish its cookie from the inside, ready to take it out from our office or our home without damaging it and without cleaning.

Light bulb rat trap

Uncover the bulb of the electrical connector leaving only the glass part.

We place a light weight that keeps it lying horizontally facing the ground, we can leave some food, a piece of bread cheese or some cookie inside the bulb.

It is important that we put an element heavier than our mouse since it will not remain balanced with both weights.

And there it is, we will have our rodent trapped in the bulb.

It is recommended to use bulbs that are already burned and place several in different places.

“Way to the glass” trap

We put a glass of glass, it is important that it is glass by weight and that it is also much taller than the mouse. We put our glass or glass container, inside we put some edible bait.

As a bridge we put a spring or an ice cream palette that makes the union between the floor and the glass, the mouse will rise by this inclination, but it will not be able to leave.

Mouse Bottle Trap

Ideally, use a beer bottle or very similar to this, as in all traps you must place some edible item.

We add a couple of crackers inside our bottle and proceed to place a spring on the tip of the bottle.

The rat or mouse will make a contraction of its small body to pass through the center of our spring, in this way it will be trapped inside the bottle since the spring expands from the outside, but not from the inside.

How to build the homemade bottle rat trap?

Rodent Spring Trap

If yours is not wanting to let the rat or mouse live, either because you have too many (more than three) or why you simply hold a grudge for eating your food, this trap will be very useful.

The popular wooden trap and springs is one of the most effective ways to kill mice , you usually come in several sizes, choose several sizes if you are not sure how much your rodents can measure ideally or at least what here We recommend you buy several, many if possible and put them everywhere with care that nobody gets hurt.

Plastic trap for mice and rats


  • Plastic cardboard or wood tube
  • Package of considerable weight

The plastic or cardboard tube must be wide enough so that our rat or mouse can transit, the tubes of the napkins and even those of the toilet paper will work wonders for us.

With your hand, fold one of the inlets of our tube so that it is flat at one end.

Place it in the form of a tunnel in the ground.

Place the bucket or heavy container in the flattened area of ​​our cardboard tubes, add some food, feast on the rat or mouse.

Let the night pass and there it will be thanks to its weight, inside the bucket! This trap won’t kill him but it will catch him so he can’t bother you anymore.

Grids to catch rats

This trap works by attracting with a bait the rat or mouse inside the cage, they work with a weight device that closes its rack when the rat is inside.

Remember that it is necessary that the grid is small enough to prevent the rat from escaping, if it passes its head it can pass the rest of its body.

Glue trap against rats and mice

This trap is based on some flat surface coated with super sticky glue, shoe glue or wood could work quite well.

In the center we could place a bait to attract it.

This trap is recommended for mice since the rats are larger.

Bucket trap

Get a container or container that can store inside at least 19 liters of liquid and fill it with at least the first four parts with water. To make the rat or mouse die faster you can add some soap, chlorine or rat poison .

Place said container where you think the mouse can frequent, place a bridge so that it can climb, so that the rat or mouse does not hesitate to climb the bridge make it a path with pieces of biscuit or bread.

If this trap was effective there should be a dead mouse inside our container. Discard the water and dispose of the mouse body before reusing the container.

Poison for rats and mice: There are no traps for large rats

This is the most effective method and the one we recommend if you have an invasion of rats and mice or want to kill them as soon as possible.

We also recommend using rat poison if you have the misfortune of encountering large rats and want to kill them.

We are going to distribute the dust kills rats through the places where the rat or mouse is likely to pass with some regularity.

Ideally or at least what is recommended is to put baits of food and sprinkle with a little poison, taking care that no domestic animal and even a child can eat it.

It is also advisable and extremely important to use the necessary dose so that this animal dies quickly, but it could die many days later in some place unattainable for us and begin to decompose and the smell of a dead rat is not healthy or pleasant.

Anyway, if you want to end up with rats and mice in a definitive way, here we present the different products kills and rat poison that we offer you in our store:

Other adverts and data to consider

Mice and rats often carry many diseases, but in addition to that, they usually bring with them other annoying pests such as fleas , mites or ticks .

All these pests are terrible for the health of our pets or our children, it is advisable to prevent before they are present, if you know that there is an outbreak of rodents in your neighborhood …

Take all measures so that you are not affected!

Any questions? In the comments area you can write us and we will gladly help you.


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