HomeGoods Unique Value Proposition, Unique and Successful!

HomeGoods is a well-known home goods retail store in America, one group with Tj Maxx, Sierra, HomeSense and others, namely TJX Companies, based in Framingham, Massachusetts. Since opening in 1992, HomeGoods now has hundreds of shops and is always able to attract visitors. In all HomeGoods stores, almost every day there is always a long queue at the checkout. People love HomeGoods. besides the quality goods, the price is skewed. I think if you lived there, this shop would soon become one of your favorites too. My family who lives there are also HomeGoods fans.

HomeGoods sells everyday items from chairs, tables, pillows, pillowcases, plates, spoons, forks, displays, and more. The goods it sells always follow the changing seasons in America. When it comes to autumn, all items will have an autumn feel. When it turns into winter again, then everything else changes again. This is inseparable from the American culture which likes to change home decorations according to the seasons. So that the shops also adapt to this culture. If it’s Christmas, for example, starting from the yard, door to the glass at home, it will have a Christmas nuance. So it’s no wonder, the changing of the seasons is a distinct advantage for the shops.

What is HomeGoods’ Unique Value Proposition? Let’s study the UVP which is of course the secret of its success.

  1. Cheap price

The price of goods at HomeGoods is fairly cheap, because they are always sold below market prices. HomeGoods products are selling 20% ​​-60% cheaper than market price. The price tag is always written as a comparison of the selling price in another place ( compare price ), this really helps the buyer to consider whether the item he bought is too expensive or is it the best price.

The price of all products will always be written in comparison with prices elsewhere. This allows visitors to weigh for themselves whether the item is worth buying. For example, a well-known brand pot for $ 200 can be purchased at HomeGoods for as little as $ 50. Wow … the customers must quickly run out.

  1. Top Brand

At HomeGoods, the items on offer are selected items from the world’s top, fashionable brands , which of course have their own quality values. HomeGoods combines brand, fashion , price and quality! Perfect right? No wonder many people are satisfied shopping for furniture at HomeGoods.

  1. Minimal Promotion

To be able to maximize profits by selling cheaply, HomeGoods does not carry out any promotions on media, social media. The motto of Real brands, real savings, really can really be proven!

  1. Special products are only available at HomeGoods

Some glassware products are produced in-house in different factories such as India or Italy. Products such as candle holders, glasses, crystals are uniquely designed and classy and can only be found at HomeGoods.

  1. The shop interior is neat and fun

Compared to other similar discount stores in America, all HomeGoods stores have a much more comfortable and tidy interior appearance than other stores. The shop is bright, clean, neat but also beautiful. Make a lot of people happy to shop and feel at home choosing products according to product classification.

Learn from HomeGoods, then success doesn’t just come. You have to think about the desired business concept, the unique value proposition (UVP) you want to highlight. If you have a UVP, your business will be different from other people and will have a special appeal to your customers. Congratulations on picking up success with UVP!


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