Home Decor with 10 Wall Paint Colors That Can Affect Your Mood

Home is a place where we take shelter and take shelter with our family. So it is appropriate if we design our homes and make them as comfortable as possible. So that we will feel at home to be at home.


No matter how big a house is, if it is not designed properly, be it the paint color, the selection of furniture, ceilings, floors and so on. If all of that is not neatly arranged or maybe the wrong color is taken, it will make the house look weird and not good.


Wall paintSometimes, we are tempted to update and change the interior decoration of the house. To make it look more modern or more alive, maybe for you the safest wall paint color is white. But, you know, from a psychological point of view, color can affect a person’s mood.


That is why it is important to choose the best color for the walls of our house, because the color of the house will be able to make someone sleep more and wake up with a fresh and vibrant body. In fact, it helps to highlight a positive aura or special character within you.


According to research, there is a relationship between color and space that will affect our daily mood. So if you choose the wrong one, it might affect the day you have. For those of you who are still confused about choosing a color or maybe you still don’t have an idea how to beautify a room, here are some choices of wall paint colors, which will certainly be able to beautify your home:


  1. Yellow

Maybe not many people dare to choose yellow for the bedroom theme. But in fact, bright colors like yellow and orange can evoke a person’s mood to be more cheerful and actively interact with one another. Apart from that, it provides good lighting apart from affecting the wide space.


  1. Red

Did you know that the study found that red wall paint can increase the highest adrenaline. This means fun, makes someone more excited, generates appetite, as well as represents a romantic and sensual atmosphere.


Burgundy is a lovely color alternative as an accent wall, looking elegant if carefully laid out with neutral furniture. However, it is also possible to increase blood pressure if the combination is not appropriate. Therefore, it may not be suitable for the bedroom because it can make a person feel anxious and restless.


  1. Blue

Many choose calm colors like blue and purple like the color of the bedroom because it looks soothing and helps a person sleep better. This cool color can reduce blood pressure and help slow down breathing and a resting heart rate.


It can also inspire someone because blue can make someone more productive and creative. Therefore, blue is also suitable for decorating an office or work space. As opposed to bright colors, calm colors are not suitable for common spaces such as living rooms and kitchens because they are more passive and make people less attractive and vibrant.


  1. Gray / Neutral

Colors – Flexible Neutral colors from white, beige to dark colors like brown and gray are colors that are considered safe and at the same time flexible because they are easily adapted to whatever color they want. Neutral colors also make the room look more modern and tidy.


With a wide selection of colors, neutral colors are also suitable for all types of interior spaces. With a wide selection of colors, neutral colors are also suitable for all types of interior spaces. And it is perfect for bedroom decoration.


  1. Green This

color is synonymous with nature lovers. Located in the middle of the color spectrum, green is easily compatible with bright or cool colors. The cool blue and cheerful combination makes it suitable for any type of living space. A calm atmosphere can be created in a busy kitchen room when accompanied by green.


If applied to the living room again, it is able to brighten up a warm atmosphere to strengthen relationships. The use of green is also believed to help reduce stress and symbolize fertility. Therefore, the background color is also suitable for the bedroom.


For those of you who live in areas with warm temperatures and your room is bright with natural light, you can use lemon green as a tropical touch. The room is sure to look pretty with a Mexican ornate tile floor.


  1. Pink

Pink is often the choice for girls’ bedrooms. They usually love Hello Kitty or the pink Barbie theme! Whatever, psychologically, he gives a sense of calm, cheerfulness and compassion. In addition, the color pink is also believed to relieve anger and aggression. A study in the United States found that prisoners in prisons appear calmer when they are in outer space with pink walls.


However, it may not be appropriate if used widely because a person tends to be childish and weak. So to balance it, you can combine it with black, white or gray.


  1. Purple

Purple symbolizes luxury because it is also associated with royal colors. The use of dark purple in the room will highlight the feeling of a romantic, mysterious, luxurious and sophisticated aura and inspire inspiration to work. This color is perfect for the living room, kitchen, or office. On the contrary, the bedroom is more suited to the color combination purple as it reconciles and helps you relax.


  1. Dark colors

Although often associated with darkness, dark colors can also create an interesting space. Colors like dark blue can make a space appear more distinctive and dramatic.


The use of black is now increasing in fact also indicates self-discipline and strength, symbolizing a superior self. However, it also affects mood swings. To balance it out, combine black with white so that the emotions are more stable and the black color stands out more. Make sure natural light can enter as much of the room as possible so that the atmosphere of the room is more powerful.


  1. All in white

If you like white, we recommend to bring a monochrome nuance. For example, from floors, walls, furniture and mosquito nets, everything is white. The effect that can be obtained is a room that is very bright, but soft and will look airy.


  1. Gray

You can combine this gray with a timeless white, this will always work for a room that is both modern and classic style. This color combination will make it easier for you to decorate the room with other bright color accessories and this will produce dazzling visual cohesion. Thus, the room will appear wider.


Remember, Color Combinations Are Important!

Color is a tool that has a huge impact on one’s home. Not only can it change the mood of the house according to the owner’s taste, but also make the room more spacious, smaller, and can help highlight the furniture used. The limit of using 3 to 4 colors only includes furniture so that the interior space is neat and doesn’t look too much.


The impact on one’s emotions is enormous and can affect the atmosphere at home. It is important to choose colors that can bring a family atmosphere such as peace, happiness and comfort. So it’s up to you which color to choose. Certainly that will be able to make you and your family feel at home and comfortable in the house.


Next we will give some tips so that your living room looks spacious and looks loose.


The living room is a reflection of the existing space in a house as a whole. So, it is very important to make the living room look spacious and comfortable. That means you have to be able to get around so that your small living room can look spacious and look loose, neatly arranged and have good color choices, so that people who visit will feel comfortable and happy. And you will be even more proud to show your living room to friends or relatives.


  1. Choose a bright color on the walls and on the floor.

It is better if the walls and floors are bright, so that the room looks brighter. It’s not just walls that need to be lightly colored, but the use or selection of furniture can also help us achieve this goal.


Yellow and cream colors are perfect for tight spaces. Because the bright effect will make the room look wider and the atmosphere is cheerful. Striking (bright) colors make the room look less boring.


  1. Give insulation to the furniture or furniture on the walls.

To bring a modern feel to the room, use linear furniture. Straight-shaped furniture takes up less space, making it suitable for dark, narrow rooms. Another element that you can use is a shelf. This furniture is also suitable for saving space and putting small lamps. Try to use a shelf that matches the wall color. So as not to look crowded.


  1. Give a ceiling that creates a spacious and loose atmosphere.

When arranging a room, we should not forget the important role of the ceiling in the house. This home element can also change the appearance of any room. By applying a bright white color, the ceiling will make the room look wider.


  1. Use furniture that is multi-functional.

For example, you use decorative elements or furniture with gold or silver nuances to reflect the surrounding light, so the room will appear wider and at the same time be able to beautify the room.


  1. Avoid furniture that is too large or too much ornate.

In a limited space, arrangement is the main thing. An untidy decoration will make the room uncomfortable. So, try to choose the right furniture or decoration. For example, choose a coffee table with wide legs. This will make the room feel wider than it actually is. Avoid decorating the room with too many objects, even if they are small.


  1. Use a horizontal pattern on the floor to make it appear broad.

One of the tips for displaying a broad effect on the floor is to put a carpet on the floor, choose a carpet with a geometric pattern or a horizontal pattern, because it is believed to cause the illusion of depth and also give the impression of being broad.


  1. Use decorations that are artistic and themed.

That way you will get the results you expect. That is a room that looks spacious, looks beautiful and is modern.


  1. Lighting

design Lighting or lighting designs are important to beautify a small and dark room. You can use lamps of all shapes and sizes. The trick is to put one main light source that can illuminate several points. A small light under the stairs, for example.


There is a lamp behind the table and is mounted slightly above the floor level. A touch of dim light will create a romantic and warm effect to the room.


That is the information we can provide, hopefully it can be useful for you. Thank you…

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