Hobbit Hole House: Hobbit houses for children

As children we dreamed of living in a tree house , perhaps in a fantastic enchanted forest. Thanks to the magic of cinema, wishes have changed and probably many children today populate their games and daydreams with the characters of the fantasy world. Who wouldn’t want to live in a miniature Hobbit house ?

The passion for Hobbits and for the world created by Tolkien has actually infected even the biggest ones. In fact, there are numerous examples of real homes structured just by imitating the lair of a Hobbit , not to mention the Bed & Breakfasts and accommodations that seem to come directly from Middle-earth, scattered all over the world.

Wooden Wonders , an American company, has thought of making Hobbit houses suitable for children. They are a middle ground between the tree houses and the typical garden houses where the luckiest children can play, finding one more chance to spend time outdoors .

Each Hobbit Hole House is made by hand in the United States with high quality materials and can be customized on request, according to your needs, both in terms of size and in terms of colors. Hobbit houses for children are available in three sizes and models, belonging to their respective categories: The Big Merry, The Little Merry, and Woodshire.

The timber used for the construction of the lodges does not come from tropical forests, but exclusively from the forests of Maine. Each of them is built to order. Therefore, there is no mass production and so waste and inventory are avoided. Each Hobbit Hole House can be personalized with additional pieces, such as a small bookcase to encourage the little ones to read, or a dollhouse to give the go-ahead to the game. Children will be able to use their imagination to decorate their small home at will.

As previously stated, the Hobbit Hole Houses are not only designed for the little ones. The larger Hobbit houses can in fact be transformed into garden shelters, tool sheds, relaxation places , offices, perfect spaces for studying or practicing yoga .

Little Merry Hobbit Hole

This is the smaller model, suitable for younger children and is perfect for placing in the garden. It allows you to have about 3 square meters of space available inside the house. The facade is composed of a round entrance door and a small round window.

The floor can be covered with a carpet or with a soft blanket and next to the miniature house you can place pots of flowers and plants that will be the smallest ones to take care of. The houses in this series are on sale in the form of kits to be built in the United States. You can draw inspiration from the images to try to imitate them (also because, since they are handmade constructions, the costs can appear quite high and exceed 1000 dollars).

Big Merry Hobbit Hole

Inside Big Merry Hobbit Hole at least two children can play without problems. The surface area available is approximately 5.5 square meters . In the house you can place small furniture, such as a table with chairs, where you can spend time drawing even on autumn days.

Woodshire Hobbit Hole

Here are the larger Hobbit houses , which could certainly appeal to adults and nostalgic parents of childhood – it is a good thing that our child self always lives within us. The houses of the Woodshire Hobbit Hole line can easily contain a table with chairs and a small bookcase, but also a sofa or a bed. Above their roof you can place a slide , which can be accessed via a wooden ladder, to multiply the possibilities of play and fun.

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