8 Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter Person

Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter Person are being discussed in this article.For a long time there was an opinion that people reach a certain level of intelligence and then can not change it anymore.But recently, scientists have proved that we can become smarter … thanks to our hobbies and hobbies.Researchers explain that  our brain learns new things, and new neural connections are created that help us to work better and faster. We will tell you what hobbies will help you become smarter. Time to choose something interesting for yourself!

1. Play the musical instruments

Playing pianos, guitars and any other musical instrument develops motor skills, analytical abilities, helps in learning foreign languages ​​and mathematics, and develops creativity. As a result, memory, reaction, and leadership qualities are improved. And it all happens regardless of age!

2. Habit Of Reading

Reading removes stress, increases self-esteem and the ability to think logically, and solve problems based on life experience. At work, these qualities will help you better organize your affairs and lead others.

3. Go in for sports

It’s not about visiting the fitness center on weekends. Regular workload is much more useful than even the most intensive training once a week. With regular exercise, the cells are filled with protein, also known as BDNF. This increases concentration, increases concentration, improves memory, and also provides an acute mindset.

The brain of a person leading a sedentary lifestyle works worse than that of a person who runs around in the morning.

4. Learn a new language

The best memory training is not solving riddles, but learning a foreign language. In addition, it trains our brain to quickly solve difficult problems, and plan and find a way out of the most difficult situations. But that’s not all.

Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States have proved that those who know two languages ​​solve problems faster, those people who have only one in their arsenal. Knowledge of two foreign languages ​​positively affects the ability to assess the environment and concentrate on the task. In addition, these people have more chances to move up the career ladder.

Hobbies That Will Make You Smarter Person In The Eyes Of Others

Always look for something new

if you do not regularly repeat and do not update the knowledge, the knowledge might be lost in your brain memory. That is why the study of foreign languages ​​makes us smarter, where we repeat the knowledge with equal intensity and new exploration.

Apply this approach to your everyday life: write out quotes from books, print out the articles you like, just write down everything that seems interesting and important to you. Periodically review your records. Your brain will keep more and more information, and your horizons will expand.

6. Play games

Sudoku, puzzles, rebuses, table cards, card games and even video games increase the plasticity of the brain. These games have  new tasks that need to be solved – this also increases the ability of the brain to learn, as well as look at the situation from different angles.

7. Meditate

In 1992, the Dalai Lama invited Richard Davidson to study with the help of electroencephalography the activity of his brain during meditation.This proves that we can control what we should focus on and think about.If we order ourselves to feel more confident, then in time it will bear fruit. Similarly, you can deal with any idea, be it getting rid of shyness and gaining confidence, or even working on perfect mistakes.

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