Hitting the Fleeca in GTA Online: 100% Guide

We show you a complete guide with everything you need to successfully carry out The Fleeca Heist in GTA Online. Tips, better equipment, routes and strategies to follow and much more.


  1. Requirements to start The Fleeca Heist
  2. Preparatory missions for The Fleeca Heist
  3. Final Mission of The Fleeca Heist: Recommended Strategy
  4. Replay of the finishing blow and rewards

The blow to the Fleeca is one of the blows available in GTA Online , multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V . This grand heist was added to the game in a free 2015 update . It is the first stroke that works as a tutorial or introduction to these activities and therefore it is also the easiest to perform.

So that you do not have any kind of problem, here is a guide with all the details, tips and strategies to follow to successfully complete The Fleeca Heist in GTA Online.


Requirements to start The Fleeca Heist

Because The Fleeca Heist is the first type of heist that we can perform in GTA Online, its requirements to activate this series of missions are really simple to fulfill. You will only have to have done the following:

  • You must have reached RP level 12 on your account .
  • You must have acquired a high-end apartment .

When you have achieved the two previous things, the character of Lester will call you on your mobile to meet you at a textile factory. You simply have to go to the point of the green L on your map to have a first meeting with Lester and have him tell you the details.

This way you can go on to the preparatory missions for the coup. It should be noted that yes or yes all the missions of this coup must be done with 2 players (you and one more).

Preparatory missions for The Fleeca Heist

Before we can deliver the big blow, of course, we must first prepare the ground and achieve several things that will be necessary for us to be successful in the final mission. Here the preparatory missions come into play , which in this case we have two:

Investigation mission

Lester will call you anytime after your meeting to begin this first preparatory mission. Once this is done, you can go to the planning room of your luxury apartment to activate the mission.

  • The mission is very simple, you just have to pick up Lesterand take him to the point of the Fleeca bank , located on the Great Ocean Highway.
  • After Lester investigates the place, you have to go back to the factory.
  • Along the way, the player who is not driving must practice the hacking minigame.
  • Upon arriving at the factory, you must get in the Grangerand drive to your apartment garage to store it.

Kuruma Mission

In this second preparatory mission our objective is to get the getaway car , an armored Kuruma.

  • The car is parked in a multi-story parking building, located in Del Perro, across from Backlot City.
  • You can choose to wear masksto keep a low profile.
  • The car is guarded by gangstersthat you must kill in order to steal the Kuruma.
  • Once you have the vehicle in your hands, you have to leave the parking lot and take it back toLester’s factory , although be careful because more gangsters will attack you on the way.

The Fleeca Heist Final Mission: Recommended Strategy

With the two preparatory missions already completed, we can begin the final mission of the hit to the Fleeca. In other heists, as a leader, you will have to pay an initial sum of money to carry out the final mission, but in this case Lester bears the expenses for being the first time.

The mission is to enter the Fleeca bank and steal the safe to escape with the loot. After meeting with Lester again to tell us the details, we will have to leave the apartment and go to collect the armored car from the factory. It is important to emphasize that you should already have a good weaponry acquired , as well as enough ammunition, vests and snacks to recover life if necessary.

  • One of the players will take the role of the driver(usually the guest player).
  • The other player will take the role of driller(usually the leader or host).

On the way to the bank, already in the car, Lester will send the driller a hacking program on his mobile, with which he can open the bank vault . You simply have to guide a signal from an input port to an output port, like this 3 times. It is not difficult at all . By doing so, the bank’s security system will be hacked and exposed.

Bank robbery

To carry out the robbery, you must put on a mask before entering the bank. The driver player will be tasked with destroying the four roof security cameras and holding the hostages while the intimidation level does not drop all the way down (or else alert the police). Remember, you must not kill witnesses.

Meanwhile, the driller will open the safe 167 , which is located at the rear of the building. Don’t waste time and do everything quickly. Once the box is drilled (be careful with the overheating of the drill), you will take the paste and you can go back to the car. Actually it has no greater mystery and it is all easy to carry out.

Bank run

When you have the money in your bags, exit the bank and return to the armored car . We must eschew the highway of the Great Ocean Highway, while police chases you with 3 stars. On the road it is important that the driver does not lose his temper or leave the road. You have to hold on until you reach the bridge that leads to the Fort Zancudo tunnel.

Once there you will see a Cargobob helicopter flying over the road. The idea is to approach with the car and stand just below the magnet of the helicopter so that it attracts us and to be able to escape the police barriers. In this way the mission will be completed successfully .

Replay of the final blow and rewards

As with the rest of the heists in GTA Online, the final blow of The Fleeca Heist can be repeated non-stop whenever we want by paying $ 11,500 for planning costs.

These are the earnings we receive in each of the difficulties for successfully completing the stroke:

  • Potential winnings (easy):$ 57,500.
  • Potential earnings (in normal):$ 115,000.
  • Potential Winnings (Hard):$ 143,750.
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