History of the Tarawih Salat in the Month of Ramadan

The government calls for the implementation of the tarawih prayer at home to prevent the spread of the corona virus. How about your family, Moms? Since the beginning of the fasting month, has the tarawih prayer been in congregation at home?

Don’t forget to invite your child too, Moms! That way, children can still feel the special month of Ramadan even though still # at RumahAja .

Children also need to be explained that tarawih prayer is one of the sunnah worship services in the month of Ramadan that can ‘turn on’ the night. Why? Because tarawih prayer has many virtues when it is always done. One of them, erasing our sins!

A Cinunuk resident, Bandung regency, West Java performs tarawih prayers at his home in Photo: Antara / Raisan Al Farisi

Not only that, you can also tell children the history of tarawih prayers or how they came from until the tarawih prayers are known and practiced by Muslims. Who knows, by knowing the history of tarawih prayers, children will become more enthusiastic about their performance? So, let’s look at the following MOM coil summary:



Prophet Muhammad was the first to perform tarawih prayers. In recorded history, Rasullullah first performed the 23rd Ramadhan in the second year of the 8-year hijrah. This refers to Aisha’s history in Bukhari and Muslim HR:

“(The Messenger of Allah) never performed the sunnah in the month of Ramadan and other months than eleven rakaats. He prayed four rak’ahs and do not ask how beautiful and beautiful he was. Then he prayed another four rak’ahs, and do not ask how beautiful and long it is. Then he prayed three rak’ahs. ”

It should be noted, however, that the Prophet performed the night prayers in non-Ramadan. He is sometimes home. It is narrated in Bukhari and Muslim HR, from ‘Aisyah Ummil Mu’minin Radliyallahu’ anha:

“Indeed, on the night of the prayer at the mosque, many people followed him. On the third or fourth day the congregation had gathered (waiting for the Prophet) but the Messenger of Allah did not come out to meet them. you did last night, but I didn’t come to the mosque because I was so scared that this prayer was required of you. ” Sayyidah ‘Aisha said,’ It happened in the month of Ramadan ‘. ”

In this regard, it is also explained in Fathul Bari Syarh Sahih Bukhari:

“Indeed, when the Prophet came to a good cause and followed his people, it was obligatory on his people.”

Tarawih Prayers at Medan Great Mosque before the pandemic period Photo: Rahmat Utomo / coil

During the caliphate of Abu Bakr RA, tarawih prayers were part of the mu’akkadadah prayer (a highly recommended sunnah prayer) even though there was no tarawih prayer in the congregation with one priest in the mosque. Muslims perform tarawih prayers on their own (municipal) or in groups of three, four, or six. The number of tarawih prayer prayers is well defined or regulated.

The prayer of tarawih changed when the caliph Umar bin Khattab sought to hold the assembly. This initiative came about because he saw Muslims seem incompetent in performing tarawih prayers. Some are alone, while others are congregations.

Salaw tarawih congregations at the Sacred Mosque, Makkah Photo: AFP / STR

Narrated in HR Bukhari shahih hadith:

“From ‘Abdirrahman bin’ Abdil Qari ‘, he said:’ I went with Sayyidina Umar bin Khattab radliyallahu ‘anh to the mosque in Ramadan. (Found in the mosque) People who pray tarawih vary. Some pray alone and others pray. Then Sayyidina Umar said: ‘If I had the opinion of them I would gather in a congregation of priests, it would be better. ” Then he gathered them with a priest, the friend of Ubay bin Ka’ab. Then one night, we came to the mosque again. People have already performed tarawih prayers with the congregation behind one priest. Umar said, ‘It is best that this is heresy (tarawih prayer with the congregation)’.

illustration of mother and child worshiping at home Photo: Shutterstock

Meanwhile, during the caliphate of Umar bin Abdul Aziz, the tarawih prayers were performed up to 36 rakaat plus 3 rakaat trees.

So it doesn’t matter how many rakaat tarawih prayers we do, Moms. Because everything is true. What is clear, hopefully our family tarawih prayers can be a practice accepted by Alaah SWT.


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