The history of hearing aids has evolved along with that of humanity. This has happened especially with all the inventions that have contributed to improve our quality of life. And counteracting hearing loss is certainly a very important improvement. Hence the history of hearing aids has gone through different phases since its inception, which took place in 1673 .

At that time to amplify the sound animal horns or trumpets were used as an alternative to the hearing aid. Obviously it was a rudimentary and ineffective method, and almost two century later the first carbon hearing aid was manufactured.

This took place between 1800 and 1900, and the method consisted of a carbon microphone with battery and magnetic receiver . The first carbon prosthesis created in 1899 was called Akoulallion, and the first one Akouphone could take .

In 1907 the electronic bulb amplifier was created, which was eventually incorporated into the hearing aids for the deaf in 1920. In 1944 the size of the battery, microphone and amplifier was reduced, the first one-piece hearing aid being built. This hearing aid could be worn on the body by being attached to the ear through a cable.

Twelve years later, in 1952, the audiofagas were created that eliminated the noise produced by the friction of the microphone and the body. In 1958 , the retroauricular headphones were created and in 1960 they already had volume control. The upward march of the history of hearing aids and their technological advances was already undeniable and unstoppable. And so it has continued and continues, to this day.

The history of hearing aids and their jump to the present.

In their unstoppable climb to improve, from 1960 to 1980, the intra-auricular hearing aids were born , which were completely placed in the outer ear.

Since 1980, the first digital hearing aids came to light , which with their greater performance revolutionized the market. The materials were increasingly light, easy to carry, and the aesthetic improvement was evident. And so on to this day, where the history of hearing aids and their technological advances follows their inexorable course.

Audiotek , an independent audiological center , offers since 2005 the best tools that allow the patient to discover their sound reality. Among these tools, in addition to the best hearing care professionals and a highly personalized service, is the latest technology in hearing aids.

There are different series hearing aids, each one specific to the different needs of each patient. From wireless headphones to transmit the sound and connect it with the TV, tablet or Smarphone, to other simpler solutions.

In Auditek they all have them, and they advise and accompany each patient from the beginning to make the best choice.

A series of hearing aids for each sensory experience

Auditotek elite series headphones or wireless headphones are a unique experience and are the world’s most advanced rechargeable solution.

Other headphones of the so-called optimal and premium series, enable more complete ambient sound and clearer conversations, even in noisy situations. They get it thanks to a sound processing that emulates the natural ear, obtaining greater clarity and understanding of speech.

There are also middle or basic series headphones. They are indicated for patients who, due to the particularity of their case or lifestyle, require simpler hearing solutions.

But in all cases, a patient using a hearing aid requires the support and accompaniment of their audiological center. Audiotek does it by boosting its maximum value, which is trust. In addition, working independently allows them to choose the manufacturer and model of the hearing aid that best suits each patient.


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