History of the Development of Tests in Psychology

The word test in Latin is commonly known as lati testum, which in this case means acup, a bowl or tool used to check in determining quality. If we compare it to our daily lives, a test can be said as a test or an examination is being done.

In his book Anastasi (1971) argues about ” A psychological test is essentially an objective and a standardized measure of a sample behavior ” where in this case a psychological test is a more objective determination and has also been standardized on sample behavior.

In tests, we also recognize various testing methods in psychology . Actually the psychological test itself is a collection that needs to be answered so that it can provide accurate information. So, how is the history of the development of tests in psychology itself?

Early History of Tests in Psychology

The history of the development of this test was actually when BC. To begin with, it has been done for centuries. This can also be evident from the start of an employee in China who was required to take a test during 2200SM. From this, it becomes much more developed and changed in the form of physiognomy.

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Physiognomy itself is a science that analyzes the limbs to be able to read fortune and also the character of a human being. Where is the science that this one was developed by scientists Aristotle sat 384SM. During the 18th century there was a change in view of mental retardation, which in this case experienced a slight change, which was later when the 19th century carried out binet tests to enter the stage of development.

Then Esquirol who began to develop mental retardation and also penguins when he entered 1837, which in the same year began to provide training to people who are mentally retarded. In 1879, in Germany, Wundt founded a place that was used as an experiment in Leipzig.

Then slowly experimental psychology began to experience significant developments little by little. Francis Galton started to establish an anthropometric laboratory in 1884 in London. When he entered 1917, Robert M Yerkes made an intelligence test in groups, and could produce beta tests as well as army alpha.

Apart from the existence of intelligence tests, then it is followed by aptitude testing. Where in 1904 researcher Charles Spearman conducted research in the field of talent development which was continued in 1928 by Hollingworth where in his research he conducted achievement development tests with different geniuses.

A researcher in the United States has also carried out various studies that are specialized in development or anything related to a test. Then continued for 10 years by LL Thurstone from England.

Psychology During the 19th Century

In the history of the development of tests in psychology, when entering the 19th century experimental psychology turned into a measurement and individual differences. At that time, the aim of this was a graduate so that he could know more about things related to human behavior. In this case, uniformity is one thing that needs to be considered, not only seen from the differences that arise.

At that time, when there is a problem, it is necessary to study it carefully, for example, all matters related to amnesia sensitivity, hearing and also the various senses heard, so that later it can affect the course of a test movement in psychology.

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The Essence of Psychological Tests

In the history of the development of tests in psychology, the function of the test itself is carried out in order to measure differences and also the existence of an individual who has various reactions to each other that are different. The function of tests in BK services that we usually see in various schools will also be inseparable from the various problems that arise and the development of tests in psychology is an identification that is carried out with someone who is mentally behind.

The tests carried out in this case are carried out to be able to align various needs and also an assessment that is in education. We can also clarify so that later we can take advantage of a counseling lesson for school children. Where this counseling education really needs to be done for adolescent children.

Selection or a test carried out in an industrial field, or carried out for human needs, should be done in a gradual manner. The involvement of all aspects related to psychological testing also needs to be done so that you can understand more about aspects of a person’s life, interpersonal relationships and also an existing emotional calm.

Besides that, the use of tests to increase understanding and also for the purpose of self-development must also be done, so that later you can make yourself much more aware of various self-understandings.

Basically, a psychological test is carried out by measuring and also objective things. However, from the various ways it is done, there are various decision processes and things that are standardized for a behavior sample. The assessment itself is usually carried out and is also adjusted to the predictive connotation of individual performance which can be broader in making predictions.

If we interpret it in a much broader sense, we get a predictive result of the connotation of temporal performance, for example, an individual in the future, but logically we associate it with a sample of behavior where there is a prediction for various things done.

As for the types of tests themselves, they vary. In each test various evaluations are carried out that are linked to an empirical data. However, in a test or the score that is carried out can be interpreted in order to compare a score that is done to get a test result.

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Benefits of Doing A Psychological Test

The benefits of doing a test in psychology can be taken from a psychodiagnostic, where for this one thing it has the goal of being able to do clarification, interpretation and also a description and prediction which can solve a problem or problem related to child development, education, work, a interest, talent and also being able to know the intelligence of an individual so that he can adjust the major he will take later.

The benefits of psychological testing in the clinical field , in terms of child development are also related to this one thing, where the clinical psychological relationship is related to interest and also evaluation in employee selection by a company, or an employee who will be promoted is usually carried out in various ways. test first.

That’s the history of the development of tests in psychology which are now widely found and applied in various fields of life.

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