Hiring the first salespeople

Starting a business is complicated, and as the company takes shape, other responsibilities arise.

The business owner tends to think he is the only one capable of handling everything , including sales.

So your first impulse is to grab all the responsibilities tooth and nail.

Except that one hour the wear hits and the yield stacks up . Not to mention that the more time we spend performing functions that can be managed by third parties, the more time and money is lost.

Most of the company’s profit comes from the sales sector. Finding someone to take on these responsibilities is, in fact, challenging.

We tend not to trust outsiders to be able to handle the job responsibilities. Or we don’t understand what skills are needed to put someone on our team.

However, there are some tips that help a lot when hiring the first salespeople :

  • Hire two salespeople : If you have no idea how to profile the ideal employee, and don’t have the feeling yet, hiring two salespeople is a strategic solution . Knowing the individual profiles of each one, you will have an idea of ​​which best fits the size of the company and its expectations.
  • Hire a prepared person : When you already know your company and are aware of what you are looking for, your first addition to the company may be someone who already has experience. A professional who fits the qualifications you are looking for can be trained, and over time, as the company grows, even become your sales manager.
  • Customer profile : An excellent strategy is to think about the ideal customer. If the persona study has already been done and you are aware of the characteristics of this profile, looking for a person who matches your client can be interesting. Using this parameter makes things easier.
  • Use an interview to get to know the person : However, if you need someone who knows, for example, how to talk very well, be well articulated, during the interview you can ask him to solve a hypothetical situation or convince you to buy a product.

Of course, there are other factors that count when deciding, and several details that are more particular. But the important thing to remember is that trying to mirror the figure of the owner of the company on someone will limit the options.

Mistakes happen, the important thing is to learn from them .

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