Hire a salus: This way you will know if your baby is in good hands

The salus are professionals with extensive experience in maternity and newborn care, with updated and specific training in neonatal first aid. They take care of accompanying parents at home to guide them in the basic care of the baby in order to provide them with tranquility and security during their stay.

They also provide great security to mothers who, after delivery, can feel cared for and rest while knowing that their babies are in good hands.

Paloma Santos , director of SalusBebés, has a career of more than 30 years practicing and training salus, and explains that “they are duly qualified professionals, nurses, nursing assistants or puertowels who carry out their work offering specific childcare care and dedicated to the baby. They are prepared for any emergency that may arise.

But how do you know that these contracted services offer a full guarantee ? Raquel Herraiz, pediatric nurse, and Ximena Carzolio, pediatrician in primary care at Mysalus , assure that these professionals must have a demonstrable and up-to-date experience in caring for the baby with references that demonstrate this.

Furthermore, before hiring these services, they recommend that the professional:

—Have up-to-date and up-to-date knowledge about newborn recommendations from health organizations or official pediatric associations. “In our case,” Herraiz and Carlozio point out, “our staff, after having passed an exhaustive interview, have to undergo a theoretical-practical tutoring personally taught by us and pass a final exam.”

– You must show, have respect, prudence and education. “They enter the home of recent parents, so education, presence and respect are essential to be able to be with a baby in their own home. The first impression is very important, assessing how it behaves, the responses it offers to parents’ concerns … are criteria to be taken into account very, very carefully, “they explain.

—Demonstrate that they are up to date with all tax obligations and that they are registered with social security. “Most of the salus that are self-employed do not have them and some companies do not require that they be up-to-date,” warns Raquel Herraiz.

—Have civil liability insurance and a certificate free of sexual history for minors.

– Be rested and make it your only job . «The work of a salus is very delicate, and since it is mostly at night, it is very important that you dedicate yourself exclusively to caring for the baby during your workday. There are companies that “send” nurses with a lot of experience after having been working for 8 hours in a hospital center, with the risk of transmitting infections to the baby, which is compounded by the risk of tiredness in caring for a newborn ”, adds Ximena Carzolio.

– Have a contract to be signed by her and the parents , in which their functions are established and their obligations and rights are in writing.

– Have a uniform or exclusive work clothes to work at home, in this way hygiene and cleanliness are guaranteed for as long as you stay at home.

– That she is an empathetic person, knows how to listen and understand the mother and know how to integrate into the home and family nucleus.


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