How To Do The Hilsa Fish Salt Business

The fact that Bengalis depend on fish depends on the fact that the “fish in the fish” is true. All the Bengalis without fish do not want to eat rice every day. And if it is a hilsa fish then it doesn’t matter. Not only Bengali but the surrounding countries and the whole subcontinent, hilsha fish occupy a special place in the minds of consumers of all levels.

And in view of these aspects, hilsa fish are kept saline to provide hilsha fish to the consumers all year round except the season. The salted fish can be stored for a long time because of the salt. The taste and quality are intact. Which is not left in the fridge. It is a very efficient and timely profitable business idea.

Usually the coastal areas like Bhola, Chandpur, Barisal, Khulna, Chittagong are the perfect places to start this business. However, this business can be opened in hilly areas by collecting hilsa fish.

The hilsha fish salt business can earn a lot of money by investing a small amount of capital and collecting fish from fishermen and various big barracks by saluting the fish through the laborers and delivering them to various places of the country. Salt hils can be exported even outside the country. It takes less workers to start this business. Any young and brave entrepreneur can start off by starting this business of salting fish. The risk of this threat is very low.

To start a hilsa fish salt business, you may need to invest approximately Rs. The field requires a particularly small investment.

How to start this business: It’s a simple business. Generally, fish need to be collected from fishermen or barricades. If you can take fish from fishermen, it is possible to do more. First, the fish should be cut and washed in a good size. Then put the salt on the fish well and put it in a tin box and close the mouth so that the air does not move. That is how this business can be started. Also you can get more information by contacting those who are already involved in this business.

Processed fish can be sold both wholesale and retail. People of all classes are generally consumers of this business. However, if you can arrange to send abroad then the gold in the gold!

One of the 3 hilsa fish is a pawn. It costs about Tk 20 to Tk 20 to fish a pint of salted fish. And on the market, the price is on average about 5 to 5 taka. Which means around 5 fish have a profit of around 20 thousand. If you have to pay all the expenses for the money, then what is less?

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