Here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to leave a man who doesn’t deserve you

Do not be afraid or ashamed to give up a love that is not up to par!

Sometimes you feel it deep inside your being, as if every fiber of your body is screaming at you “Go”!

Indeed, in some cases, your instinct tries to warn you that it is time to leave your partner.

To abandon this person who is very important to you. Yet something is holding you back.

As if you needed an explanation, a clear and precise end point. And, if you’re lucky it goes without too much damage.

When the end has sounded, it’s time to slam the door.

Your relationship has been struggling for quite some time. However, at first, everything seemed perfect.

You fell in love and you felt like your relationship was going to last until your last days.

At least that’s what you thought. Looking back, you’re not quite sure whether your partner felt the same way.

Indeed, over time, he began to distance himself and to make less and less effort.

As you fought tooth and nail to make your romantic relationship work, he seemed to take great pleasure in watching you flounder.

You were trying to make him understand that his behavior was unacceptable or that he needed to change.

But, all you got in response was a smirk and a piercing gaze that spoke volumes about his intentions.

“I am as I am and if you don’t like it, you know where the door is.”

Even though he never said those words out loud, you felt like that sword of Damocles was constantly hanging over your head.

He was not ready to change. And, he had no intention of compromising to make you happy.

Anyway, he took you for granted and he thought you would never dare leave him. Why ? Because, in his head, all women are afraid of celibacy.

They are afraid of ending up alone. But, this is where he was wrong!

An emotional slap much more painful than physical violence.

Honestly, you did everything you could to make him react. At the start, you adopted a soft strategy.

You have, in fact, chosen to invest yourself even more. To prove to him that you really cared for him by always being there by his side, in his happy times as in his difficult times.

But, when you realized that, on his side, he never did the same to you. Your heart broke for the first time.

Indeed, you couldn’t watch him ignore you like that anymore. It hurt you too much.

So, you opted for a new technique: frank and open communication.

You made it clear to her that your relationship didn’t make you happy anymore and that you were fed up with trying too hard.

After all, you’ve been carrying the burden of your romantic relationship and your struggles for a while.

But, once again, you found yourself facing a wall. Of course, he listened to what you had to say.

And, he promised to change and to make efforts. But, in practice, you never saw any change.

He has remained true to himself: selfish and egocentric! Finally, you chose to use the atomic bomb of the couple relationship.

At your wit’s end and without any other alternative, you opted for the threat. “If you don’t change, I’ll leave you!”

At the time, you had the impression that it had worked. For a few days he was back to being the man you had fallen in love with.

But, since an old monkey cannot be taught to make a face, his old habits have returned at a gallop.

So, you found yourself up against the wall, with only one alternative …

Girl, it’s time to go!

Deep down, your guts were screaming, “Leave him!” but you were having trouble making this radical decision.

You needed to figure out what had happened and put an end to your relationship.

Like I said before, if you’re lucky, it goes without too much damage. Indeed, you can consider yourself lucky if the breakup ends with a separation letter, an argument or even a door slammed in your face.

But, this is rarely the case. Very often, when a couple separate and when a woman decides to end her romantic relationship, she finds herself faced with silence.

No explanation, no focus … Only an emotional wall and a heavy radio silence.

But, this is what you needed ultimately. This is your telltale sign: you must turn your back on it and never look back again.

Pick up the pieces of your heart and get up!

You must go, now! Indeed, you must get out of this lethargy, get up and leave without ever looking back.

You deserve much more than a message that no one answers you. And, you deserve more than just ignored phone calls.

You have the right to have explanations. You are worthy of a man who has the courage to take responsibility for his mistakes and his emotions.

If he was no longer in love with you or if he was simply no longer interested in your relationship, he should have been honest.

For too long he only texted you wild late at night when he had needs that only you could meet.

Because of his behavior, you felt even more lonely when you were in a relationship.

Where is the logic in all of this? You don’t deserve a man to ignore you for weeks.

He does not have the right to come and go as he sees fit and to be present only when he needs you.

Girl, you deserve so much more than a man “almost in love” with you. You are worthy of great love!

Whatever you think, you are up to it!

You deserve to feel complete again. So, understand me well: you are not a failure and you are not empty of all emotions.

Indeed, you are not just a body that your partner can use for pleasure.

If he wants to be with you, he must be completely and unconditionally. You deserve to be loved at your true worth!

So please don’t let your partner’s actions or words convince you otherwise.

You deserve to be a man’s priority. And, not just whether it suits him or when he’s lonely.

Loving someone doesn’t mean taking everything that person has to offer and then letting them go when you feel like you’ve got your fix.

Indeed, to love someone is to support that person because they also support you, in your good times as in your bad times.

Love must ALWAYS be a two-way street.

Sometimes one of you needs more support than the other. Particularly when he or she is going through a difficult time, financially, professionally or emotionally.

But, a man in love with you will never let your relationship be a one-way street.

Indeed, if your man is only present when he needs a shoulder to cry on or a warm body to keep him company at night, he is not in love with you!

You can try to find excuses for him and you can try to justify his behavior (“He’s stressed”, “He’s tired”, etc…) but, by doing that, you are only lying to yourself.

A partner who behaves like this is just using you. I know it can be painful to read but it’s the truth, plain and simple.

But, you know what hurts even more? Let someone you love destroy you over and over again.

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Don’t be afraid to be alone.

I know modern society and social media try to sell you dreams: you can only be happy if you are in a relationship.

But, this is completely wrong! Don’t be fooled by the perfect life some women are trying to promote.

It’s a lie. “Live happy, live hidden !” : this is how people who are really in love and happy as a couple behave.

They don’t show off their feelings on social media. And, they don’t need to display their partner’s gifts or so-called declarations of love.

They’re happy so they don’t really care what other people think. These women who sell their happiness on social networks feel lonely, like you.

Indeed, their partner does not give them enough attention and they therefore seek to get it from their subscribers.

So, yes… you might be afraid of being alone, but don’t you feel more lonely when your partner ignores you?

Take back your right as a woman: that of choosing to be treated as an equal.

Your partner puts you down and he uses you to satisfy his sexual needs.

When did your wants or needs matter to him? Has he ever made you a priority?

I’ll tell you one thing: loneliness cannot be cured with sporadic attention.

In fact, it’s when you don’t get the attention you deserve that you start to feel lonely, even if you’re in a relationship.

When a man goes back and forth in your life, without really giving you any explanation, you get confused.

And, beyond that, you’re hurt. All of a sudden, the days that didn’t seem so long before become endless.

Indeed, you spend your days sitting waiting for a phone call that never arrives.

Still, you deserve to get as much attention as he does. You deserve to receive whatever you give him.

Your partner made you believe that you were of no value.

So you start to feel sad and lonely because you feel like you are nothing but a garbage can for all the pain that your partner can no longer hold inside.

But a happy romantic relationship should never make you feel that way. You don’t go out with someone to help them get rid of their pain.

You choose to be with your partner in order to help them find their way to recovery. But, that doesn’t mean you have to heal it.

Besides, you’re not supposed to fix your man just to keep him in your life. In short, you are not the answer to his problems.

You cared so much for him but never received the same attention in return.

There is nothing wrong with supporting someone you love. But, if this man doesn’t do the same to you, he’s not for you.

Do you really want to wake up to your partner every morning wondering if this day is finally going to be the day he shows you that he cares for you?

Why are you inflicting this pain on yourself when somewhere in this world there is a man who will give you everything you need?

Someone who would do anything to be with you and support you, in all areas of your life.

I promise you one thing: this man who ignores you and hurts you is not your soul mate.

You are not meant to be with him. Certainly, it may be a part of your journey, one that is meant to learn to find yourself and discover true love.

But, he’s definitely not the man you’re supposed to end your life with. Otherwise, it would be very sad!

Your fairytale happy ending lies in a man who is going to love you as much as you love him.

Your soul mate is a man who is there for you, every day and forever! If your partner can’t even take the time to respond to your text, imagine what the rest of your life will be like …

Every day you will fight for his love and attention. While he would do anything to absorb all your energy and all that you have to offer.

Your partner will suck your whole being and all the goodness that you have deep in your heart without ever giving you anything back.

He will always leave your glass half empty even when you beg him to leave you full.

He will continue to take, over and over, until he is healed. And, until you don’t recognize yourself anymore.

So, please don’t wait until that day! Take back control of your life and go!

Here’s my advice: If from the start, or at least in the first few months, something doesn’t seem right to you, trust your instincts.

Most definitely, something is wrong. Trust yourself and let go of your fears.

You deserve to know unconditional love. But, you can’t have that kind of experience if you don’t make room in your life.


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