Here’s how to treat your boss to be liked at work

As is well known, to make superiors like their employees is something that is not easy.


This is because there are too many employees or superiors who usually don’t stay long in the office.


However, that does not mean it is not easy to do. There is still a chance for you to become an employee that your boss likes because of your achievements or work.


Want to know how? Check out the reviews below.


Know the types of bosses that are not easy to deal with


Before discussing ways you can make your boss liked by him, it would be better to get to know the types of bosses you have in the office first.


It is very important to know, because knowing the nature or types will certainly make it easier for you to “ make a strategy ”.


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  1. Nyantei type


boss relaxed

For those of you who have a boss with the nyantei type, of course this is a fortune.


This is because when you meet him you can be willing to deal with it.


Even so, still have to watch out when your boss is too casual to work.


The reason is, when your boss is too relaxed, he works arbitrarily, such as canceling or changing the schedule of important meetings, not realizing important moments or meetings with clients.


So, the impact can affect the company’s big target. In fact, this can damage your relationship with your boss because he often does whatever he wants, so he often gets angry.


  1. Workaholic type


The next type is, the type of workaholic or who likes to work. I am so happy working, he will work beyond the appointed time.


This can also have an impact on employees, where they have to follow the “ rhythm ” of their work which can make you depressed and stressed because of the work that always piles up.


If you are not the type of workaholic, it will obviously make your relationship with your boss will not get along.


  1. Type Lack of Ability to Lead


Not all superiors in the company have good leadership skills. There are even those who are already superiors, but do not have the ability to work well.


They can be superiors, usually the dynasty that follows the traditions of each company or because they have good connections.


If you have this type of leader, prepare a lot of patient stock, because when there is an error or chaos in the company, the employees or their subordinates are to blame first.


  1. Types of bosses who also act as managers


Have you ever discussed the differences between leaders and managers before? Both, clearly have different definitions and duties.


However, in fact there are also superiors who are also managers, where they interfere in the manager’s affairs, as if they don’t believe in what their subordinates are doing.


As a result, when interfering in matters or tasks that are not supposed to be, it will make subordinates confused and even awkward to work.


Maybe, this is a form of responsibility. However, it is very unfortunate if you have to interfere in their business.


  1. Types of Bosses who Choose Love


Bosses who choose love, of course this is not something new in the world of work. Where superiors with this type will provide special treatment for employees that are preferred by superiors.


The treatment given by the boss will clearly cause jealousy to other employees.


Superiors will certainly find it difficult to accept or cooperate with other employees who are not “ golden children ” for him.


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Steps to be taken to be liked by your boss


  1. Understand the situation faced by the boss


Superior situation

As discussed above, there are various types of bosses. However, please note that the main task of your boss is the obligation to advance the company, as well as the responsibilities and burdens that are very heavy.


Of course, the first thing to do as subordinates is to understand their position and situation.


Then, support and help your atasana to make the company dreams come true.


If this is done, repeatedly, it is not impossible that you will like this action because there are employees who understand the company’s situation and support its policies.


In doing so, show your sympathy for the boss’s policies and then occasionally invite to discuss, because the boss will definitely show openness about what the company will do.


  1. Responsible for the Work Done


When your boss gives you a project or work to do, what you need to do is take responsibility for the job.


Don’t ever think that your boss hates you, so you will be given a lot of tasks. Take the positive side of it, where the boss believes that you can and are able to do these tasks.


Responsibilities that are carried out are starting from finding materials, working on tasks, to completing them according to the targets and deadlines carried out.


The more often you are responsible for the job, the more your boss will trust and like you.


  1. Improve Performance Well


Don’t dream of wanting to be liked by your boss or appreciated by him, if you haven’t improved your performance well.


You need to know that every boss likes employees who have a good performance, are enthusiastic, always enthusiastic when doing something or are given the job directly by him.


Therefore, do an evaluation of what is being done. Change your attitude when your boss gives you a job by showing performance and being passionate about it.


Don’t give up quickly. When the boss doesn’t immediately give his appreciation. Make it a motivation to work even better.


  1. Recognizing and Correcting Errors


Want to correct mistakes

Every worker must have made mistakes while working. Whether it’s a senior or junior employee.


Therefore, if you want to be liked by your boss, another thing you can do is admit and correct mistakes that have been made.


Never hide from these mistakes, let alone throw them at innocent people.


To admit your mistakes and want to correct them, in the eyes of your boss is an action that should be owned by his subordinates. This means that you already have an honest nature, which the bosses really like.


He will also appreciate your actions, he may even be happy to guide and make you as his confidant.


  1. Discipline and Timely


Even though you are not directly connected to your boss, it does not mean that you have to do whatever you want to come to the office not on time and without discipline.


Still, your boss will know that his employees are not disciplined.


Instead of wanting to be liked by your boss, he will actually put you on the employee ” black list ” record.


If this is still being done, from now on, change it by arriving on time and discipline.


Whether it’s on time to come to the office or finish work.


  1. Able to Work Together with the Right Work Partners


Not forever you will work alone. Certainly every one division and another division is related to one another.


So, it’s good to find good relationships with fellow divisions and other divisions because your boss won’t care about your personal problems with the people in the office.


Your boss will not hesitate to appoint others to cooperate with each other, regardless of each other’s background.


In the process of working together, your boss will judge that anyone installed will be able to do a good job too. And that’s what he likes.


  1. Completing Work Before Deadline


It is common knowledge, that every boss will like his subordinates who are able to complete the work before the deadline.


This means that you are a person who is responsible, caring, and enthusiastic when accepting and completing the job.


Even though you are able to complete it before the deadline, you still have to pay attention to the quality of the work.


Don’t forget to double-check the work done because for the boss, it’s not enough to be quick if there is still much to be done.


To be able to do this, of course, you must often be trained by knowing the strategies or desires of your boss.


  1. Become a “ Problem Solver ” For Your Superiors


Being a boss is certainly not an easy thing. Sometimes they also need someone to be able to solve the problem at hand.


When you understand the boss’s situation, then know that there is a problem at hand, be a problem solver or problem solver.


Give your solutions and fresh ideas for the problems faced and relevant to these matters.


Don’t be afraid to come up with solutions, because your boss will really like his subordinates who can provide advice rather than those that provoke obscurity or add to problems.


When giving suggestions, don’t forget to stick to good manners. Because this can be your value in the eyes of your boss.


  1. Respect the boss’s time



Every subordinate, there must be a desire to stay close to his superiors.


Of course, to take this approach requires the right time to be able to chat with him for a long time.


It’s just that to be able to earn income or talk about the work you cannot do casually, there needs to be a special time according to the schedule.


If you want to be recognized as an employee that your boss likes and is close to, you need to know about the empty schedules he has.


Do not go into his room casually or “ force ” him to be able to chat with you in the middle of doing work.


Therefore, find out when his free time is and keep asking for permission if there is anything you want to talk about or discuss.


Find out also, when is the right time to talk about work or small talk. That way, your boss will like you because you understand these conditions.


  1. Always Support Top Policies


The next way is to be supportive of the superior’s policies. Of course, this method does not mean to “ lick ” or any other hidden purpose.


Its intention is to support its policies, it means that you care about the development of the company.


Every boss also wants the people around him to be people who support his policies.


Even if you have appointed you as a trusted person by his side, you are also given the opportunity to provide fresh ideas for the company’s development.


However, do not be a different person when behind him, because this will certainly make you lose your career and trust from your boss.


Make that special belief a lesson for you in the future.

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