Here’s how Switch, the new Nintendo console, works

A little tablet, a little traditional console, the next machine from Kyoto wants to try to change the way we play video games. It will arrive in March 2017.

In the end, many of the rumors turned out to be right. The next console from Nintendo,  which until a few hours ago was known as NX , will be called Switch and will be released simultaneously worldwide in March 2017. Here’s how it works.

A little tablet, a little console

With Switch, Nintendo has decided to carry on the experiment started with Wii U. Only this time the entire console consists not of a central machine and a gamepad with a touch screen, but simply of a tablet, to whose sides they can be hooked two controllers. And again unlike Wii U, Switch is effectively portable, but equipped with a base on which to insert the tablet to send the video signal to the TV in the living room.

To each his own way of playing

Looking at the short video preview released by Nintendo, it is easy to understand that the strength of the Switch lies in its versatility: the two small controllers can be attached to the tablet, perhaps to play in the car or on the subway, but also detached, and used for control video games while the Switch is placed on a horizontal surface thanks to the support on the back, a bit like a photo frame. Or comfortably seated on the sofa at home, after inserting the Switch in its television base. Between one scene and another, a more traditional controller has also appeared, designed for home use and which will probably be sold separately.



Together, first of all

As per tradition, Nintendo has not failed to emphasize its love for video games as a form of socializing. Here then Switch is a console designed for online multiplayer, of course, but also offline, with a group of friends gathered around a table: in some titles, the two small controllers can be divided between two players, perhaps for a challenge between cars at full speed. While in other games, such as a basketball simulator, two Switches can be connected to each other wirelessly, allowing four players to collide at the last basket. The video also shows some professional gamers ready to start a game of Splatoon, the Nintendo game that has become popular on Wii U. Who knows if this time the Kyoto house will focus on the e-sports sector.


Ok, but the games?

The most surprising news is the fact that the Switch will not use discs, but cartridges very similar to those of the Nintendo 3DS. In the trailer released by Nintendo, we saw scenes from the upcoming The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Splatoon, as well as a basketball game, some scenes from the famous RPG Skyrim and some images of what should be the next big one. title dedicated to Super Mario. It is not yet clear how many and what titles will be available at launch, as well as the price, hardware specifications, operating system and display quality. But Nintendo has already made it known that all information about it will be released well before March next year.

Will he make it?

Obviously it is still early to say, since the console has just been unveiled. But if nothing else, compared to the half step of the Wii U, with the Switch Nintendo seems to have made a very clear and definite decision. And with an aesthetic component that, for the first time in years, abandons plasticity and too rounded shapes to focus on a cleaner and more refined design, able to conquer even a slightly more adult and shrewd public. It remains to be seen how the Switch will affect the 3DS world, which has made Nintendo the queen of mobile video games. In the meantime, good first: welcome Switch.


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