Here’s how to get rid of abdominal swelling. 7 Foods to avoid (absolutely).

How to get rid of abdominal swelling. 7 Foods to avoid (absolutely)
Lately, more and more people suffer from abdominal bloating, and it is considered an annoying symptom, which often causes cramps in the affected area.

It could also be an unsightly ailment, and a problem for people who make sacrifices to keep fit and take care of the diet in the smallest detail.

This factor is certainly not connected in overweight people, but it happens especially in people in weight or shape or even under weight. This will make us look like a little bacon and especially overweight.

What to do to solve this annoying problem?
It must be anticipated that, in most of the times, this problem is caused only by a single factor, i.e. nutrition.

In fact, this swelling is caused by intestinal problems.

Foods to avoid absolutely:
Milk and its derivatives.
In fact, containing lactose, considered one of the enemies of metabolism, it would seem that it slows it down. These foods cause abdominal bloating and this factor may seem fat on the abdominal area.

Do you love milk? You can replace it with vegetable milk, oat milk, almonds or rice. There are now different types of milk on the market.

The refined flours.
Flours are not recommended for many reasons, in fact also for abdominal swelling. They favor abdominal swelling. Refined flours have less dietary fiber which makes them more difficult to digest.

Cruciferous vegetables: cauliflower, cabbage, savoy cabbage, etc.

They are not recommended as they cause abdominal gas. In addition, sausages are to be avoided.

However good and quick to “prepare” they are an enemy for those suffering from abdominal bloating.

The fries, although they make the preparations better and are delicious, must be avoided.

If you really can’t avoid frying, use healthier oils, such as sunflower.

Spices should also be avoided.
The beans that cause abdominal gas.

Eat these foods only on a few occasions, or don’t use them on your own, to avoid abdominal bloating.

Which natural remedy to use in case of abdominal bloating:

Coal to use vegetable, animal. It is an excellent herbal remedy effective to counteract a swollen belly. Coal is capable of absorbing gases. It incorporates the excess air swallowed through the power supply.

Even carminative plants are a great ally to reduce bloating.

What are the latter?

Anise, cumin, fennel, etc.

Anise: digestive and antimicrobial
properties Cumin: digestive properties
Fennel: stimulates the mobile action of the stomach and intestines, antifermentative action.
If you don’t like using natural cures, there are pharmacological cures.

Parasympathetic-mimetic drugs:
They favor peristalsis, these drugs speed up the disposal time of the intestinal gas.

This could be a great replacement for completely natural foods.

In addition, you can resort to the use of some supplements to remedy the swollen belly.

Probiotic Supplements:
As mentioned earlier, they reduce the swollen belly. They regulate intestinal activity, favor the symbiotic bacterial flora.

Having said that, let’s conclude the article. The methods to prevent and treat a swollen belly are these. Excellent remedies, which will make your problem disappear once and for all.

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