Here are tips for guiding new graduate employees to be more productive

Each company certainly has valuable assets that can develop the company better. These assets are employees who are recruited to meet company requirements.

Unlike other company assets, these types of assets will take turns depending on the conditions of the company.

For this reason, it is not surprising that many companies open job vacancies every year, especially those with the criteria for fresh graduates or new graduates.

Of course this is a mutually beneficial action for both parties, where companies need new personnel to advance the company, while new graduates need jobs and experience.

As a new graduate employee who has just entered the world of work, of course there are some jobs that cannot be done properly. They need guidance from senior workers who have previously worked at the company.

Of course, the task of guiding new employees is not an easy thing, because this is related to the company’s future development and the mentality that will be formed for new employees to work in new places.

However, those of you who are in charge of guiding them don’t worry too much, because the following will explain Tips for Guiding New Graduates. Come on, see together this article until the end!

1. Understand the Character of New Graduates

The first tip you can do to guide new graduate employees is to first understand their character.

These tips are important to carry out considering your age with distant employees who usually tend to be quite distant.

If you can’t understand the character, there may be misunderstandings, especially if communication doesn’t go well.

Of course, if that happened, it would create an uncomfortable atmosphere between the two parties.

In order to understand their character well, you can ask or discuss the HRD who recruits and accepts these employees.

That way, the guiding process will run well.

2. Provide a good example and want to share knowledge

As a senior who, in fact, becomes a role model for every new employee, of course you must be able to set a good example for them.

Not only that, it is also a good idea to share your knowledge with them so they can get an overview of the jobdesk they do.

The good role models shown can be their reference to determine the attitude they take at work.

Of course, if the example is good, it will produce good “ disciples ”, and vice versa.

However, if the employees at the company are good, the company’s image will be better and the public, who are generally the company’s customers, will increasingly trust in using the company’s services or products.

Also keep in mind, the goodness that is given will actually come back to you.

3. Invite in Project Work

When they are sufficiently equipped with theoretical knowledge, so that this knowledge can be used, the way to do this is to get them involved in a project.

In addition to practicing the knowledge they have gained, they can also be trained to work with a team.

This method is also so that they quickly adapt to colleagues in the office, where when familiarity is established, working on projects can be easily done.

Inviting him to join the team also eases your “ burden ” where new employees can see and learn directly from experts in their fields.

In addition, you can also see for yourself the potential of new employees, so that later they can be placed according to their talents and interests

4. Give Responsibility

The next tip for guiding new graduate employees is to start giving them responsibility.

Of course, so that the responsibility is easy to do, give him a job that is in accordance with his current level of ability.

The giving of this responsibility can also be used as an assessment of how strong they are to solve a problem and face the obstacles or challenges that are in front of their eyes.

Don’t hesitate to give that responsibility. Of course, if you want the job he is doing to be done well, you need to provide clear and concrete deadlines.

In addition, also provide instructions that make it easier for him to feel confidence in himself.

If they can finish it well, in the future you can give more responsibility to a different level.

So, from here you can see that a new regeneration candidate has been “ born ” to make the company run well in the present and in the future.

5. Give Trust to Create or Lead Project

One of the effective tips for guiding employees is to give them confidence in the form of leading or creating projects.

Of course you can take this step after it is enough to give them a theory.

Usually to create or lead a project carried out by new graduate employees will not be contested. This may have become the company’s SOP so that new graduate employees must pass.

It should be noted, when given this trust, they will certainly give their best because it relates to their future careers.

So, when they need a briefing or want to have a discussion, you have to be prepared for that.

Don’t forget to motivate it and keep an eye on it so that they make the project still in the corridor of company standards.

6. Invite to Discuss

If you are not too sure about giving him a project that is led directly by them, the next tip that can be done is to invite him to discuss it first.

The discussion in this case is asking for help to solve problems and provide solutions to what is being faced in the company.

This is certainly not a form of shifting responsibility or testing it for a new employee.

Rather, it gives him the opportunity to propose new ideas that usually have creative solutions that senior employees haven’t thought of.

Of course, if the solution can be used by the company, the employee’s confidence will increase and of course it will be very good for the future of the company itself.

7. Tell About How To Make A Work Plan

When you enter the real world of work, it will be better if the work is well organized or prioritized

This is the main thing, it is also necessary to teach new graduate employees.

The reason is that when they work they will be adjusted to the work plan so that nothing is missed or neglected.

Therefore, teach them to make work plans from the lowest importance to the highest interest jobs.

When the new employee has succeeded in compiling a work plan, see if they can complete it according to plan? or maybe there are still abandoned?

But certainly, when they are taught to make a work plan, they will be able to complete it on time and according to the instructions on the schedule.

8. Give Constructive Criticism

When you coach a fresh graduate employee, be objective so that you can provide constructive criticism for him or her.

By giving criticism, of course, they can mentally train them to work more effectively, not easily get carried away, and can learn from mistakes.

The reason is, the higher the career that the new employee will take, the challenges in front of him are also very large and this requires a mentality that is resistant to criticism.

Also cultivate criticism is not an attitude of wanting to hate him or dropping his career, but rather that criticism is expected to work optimally in accordance with directions.

But certainly, when you want to criticize the new employee, don’t do it in public, let alone embarrass him. Criticism in a kind way actually builds up the mentality rather than tarnishes it.

Why Should Recruit New Graduates?

Maybe some of you are currently wondering why companies have to recruit new graduate employees? Why not someone who is an expert or professional in their field, so they don’t have to bother with guidance?

There are various factors and reasons from companies that certainly consider this, whether it’s due to salary, age, and so on.

But what is certain is the following reason!

  • Want a Next Generation or Regeneration

Every company certainly has aspirations to regenerate, so that the work culture in the company is more innovative, lasts long, and can compete amid the times.

Of course, those who can do all of this are new graduate employees whose average age is relatively easy and ready to work.

  • Can Be Directed and Always Want to Know

A new graduate or fresh graduate usually has a high level of curiosity, considering that they have just struggled with this experience.

This feeling of curiosity is always accompanied by a sense of enthusiasm to be able to solve the work challenges that are in front of his eyes.

Not only that, although they have high curiosity, they can still be directed so that what is done is still in accordance with the corridors or wishes of the company.

Of course, this attitude can mutually benefit the company and also the new graduate employees.

  • Technology literate

Almost all fresh graduates today are very familiar with the name technology. They can operate all kinds of technologies that have sprung up today.

Of course this can benefit the company, where the technology can be optimized for a wider search for company customers.

Without having to be guided again, they will be able to translate instructions from their seniors so that they can be collaborated with today’s technology.

That way, the company will create a contemporary strategy that can be accepted by the wider community.

  1. Have Work Experience for the First Time

Anyone who has just graduated from college or is a fresh graduate wants to find work experience in the future.

They of course still choose high spirits so they want to try to appear more optimally when working.

Especially if the company can provide an extraordinary experience for him, then the work experience in your company will never be forgotten.

They will carry on with their positive corporate image until later.

Even voluntarily will notify others about the positive performance provided by the company.


So, those are the tips for guiding new graduate employees with ease. Hopefully it can be used as a guideline to be able to practice it in the future if you meet new graduate employees.


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