Hemp honey: all the benefits of the new product based on ginger, lemon and CBD

We already know that honey is rich in properties but what happens if other ingredients are added to this product, such as ginger, lemon and CBD (Cannabidiol) ? Let’s find out all the benefits of hemp honey .

Recently present in Italy it is an original honey, defined 2.0 by the startup Cannabeasy that markets it. It is acacia honey based on ginger and lemon to which, however, an exceptional ingredient has been added: hemp and more precisely CBD oil!

It is therefore an alternative honey that promises several benefits for health but also for beauty, we know that honey is often used in DIY recipes designed for body and hair care.

Honey is already a beneficial product in itself: it is considered a natural antibiotic, acts positively on the liver, helps the work of the stomach, calms the cough, decongests the respiratory tract. Finally, it is an excellent tonic for the body as it contains vitamins and minerals.

Adding ginger and lemon to honey is a good idea as it enriches it with interesting properties: it improves digestion, can prevent kidney stones, act as a natural anti-inflammatory and help for example in case of sore throat.

The real news, however, is undoubtedly in the addition of CBD oil , a cannabinoid from the hemp sativa plant but without the substances that give it the known amazing effects. The confirmed benefits of this ingredient are different and in the United States there are many products that include it in the list of ingredients, especially in the field of beauty.

A honey enriched with CBD oil can have several beneficial effects even if obviously they will be milder than the use of pure oil, supplements based on this substance or even the new drugs that contain it.

In particular , its properties are to be:

  • anti-inflammatory
  • painkiller
  • relaxing (improves anxiety and stressful conditions)
  • nutritious
  • moisturizing
  • anti-aging
  • anti-acne

You can take this honey before or after playing sports or to relax, for example by sweetening a herbal tea before going to sleep, or as it is needed, simply melting it in your mouth or start the day with this product by spreading it on rusks or on whole wheat bread.

The combined properties of honey, ginger, lemon and hemp, make this honey an interesting product for health purposes and probably also tasty. If you are interested in trying hemp honey , know that there is also a version enriched with turmeric .

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