Hellpoint Black Hole Watch | What is the circular HUD symbol for?

Hellpoint’s Black Hole Clock is one of the game’s unique features. While the game closely follows the typical Souls-like formula, it adds a clock that you can see in the upper left of the UI. Hellpoint doesn’t go out of its way to describe the mechanical Black Hole Clock. You’ll likely be confused about what the circular object does on your HUD even at the start of the game.

How does the Black Hole Clock work in Hellpoint?

Shortly after starting Hellpoint, you will arrive in a room with a large window that overlooks the space. If you look at it at the right time, you will notice that the space station you are in is orbiting a giant black hole. The Black Hole Clock keeps track of this orbit and is critical to understanding how the passage of time affects the station.

The yellow circle on the Black Hole watch keeps track of the current time. When it reaches specific points on the watch, one of two events will occur:

  • Hell Hour Time
  • Hour of the black hole

Hell Hour

During the two Hell Hours a day, you can open the transparent orange walls you find throughout the station. The rooms beyond will trigger horde events that lock you in and turn you into a mass of enemies. If you win, you will get powerful rewards.

Enemy mobs can also change during Hell Hour. You’ll find more minibosses and powerful enemies scattered around the station, even near the start of the game.

Hour of the black hole

During the hour of the black hole, it is possible to open the yellow walls scattered throughout the station. Some of these doors can simply be moved closer and open, but others require you to aim the black hole light using the rings in the station’s Arcology sector.

Note that the time the black hole time occurs may differ between different areas of the station. Keep this in mind if you’re traveling to a yellow wall in a different sector, so you don’t get stuck waiting.


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