Heist to Cayo Perico in GTA Online:Guide

We show you a complete guide with everything you need to successfully carry out the Heist at Cayo Perico in GTA Online. Tips, better equipment, routes and strategies to follow and much more.GTA Online , the multiplayer mode of Grand Theft Auto V that is now practically a standalone game, has recently been updated with a new big commission: the Heist of Cayo Perico .

On this occasion, players will be able to travel to a new location to recover and destroy incriminating documents, although in the process they will also be able to steal certain material and consumer goods from El Rubio , the drug trafficker who owns this tropical island, who will reward us with a large amount of money at the end of the final mission.

However, and as usual, before carrying out that final mission we will have to carry out a series of preliminary works that will help us to know Cayo Perico by heart, in addition to collecting the necessary tools to deliver the final blow without dying. in the attempt . There are several ways to access the island and deal with this blow , and depending on how you do it, it will be more or less difficult to earn GTA $ during the robbery. With this guide we will help you to perform the Heist on Cayo Perico in the most optimal way possible , hitting 100% of the secondary objectives, whether you want to do it alone or with someone.


  1. Requirements to initiate the coup at Cayo Perico
  2. First mission: Reconnaissance of Cayo Perico
  3. All target locations, access points, and guards on Cayo Perico
  4. Second step: preparatory missions in Los Santos
  5. Final blow to Cayo Perico: recommended strategy
  6. Escape from Cayo Perico
  7. Repeating the Final Blow


Requirements to start the coup to Cayo Perico

The plot of Golpe a Cayo Perico begins when we speak with Miguel Madrazo , son of Martin Madrazo, at The Music Locker , the new nightclub located next to The Diamond Casino & Resort. There he tells us that there is a drug trafficker, El Rubio, who has found some papers that incriminate his family in certain shady matters, so he asks us to take a great blow to get those documents , eliminate them, and incidentally steal everything from him. we find our way.

From there we can start planning the coup, but not before buying the new base of operations: the Kotsatka submarine.

Get the Kotsatka Submarine

The first thing you have to know about Hitting Cayo Perico is that, although it is a free update, to carry out both the final mission and the preparatory ones you need the following :

  • You must buy a Kotsatkasubmarine from the Warstock Cache & Carry website.
  • The price of the submarine ranges from 2,200,000 GTA $in its most basic version to 9,085,000 GTA $ with all the accessories.
  • Some players have complained that it is quite a high price, but the good news is that you do not need to add any add-onsto do the hit: only with the basic version of the Kosatka we can start the mission arc.
  • Of course, if you are Prime Gaming subscribersremember that you have available the sonar of the submarine completely free.

How to interact with the submarine’s center panel

Once we have the Kotsatka and swim, fly or sail towards it, Pavel will wait for us inside to show us the enormous facilities available, including a cabin with a bed, wardrobe and computer. The main thing is in the central room, from which we can drive the submarine, look through its periscope or launch a few torpedoes. The central panel that will allow us to plan the Blow to Cayo Perico is located in that same place .

But beware, to access the central panel we will have to meet one of these two requirements:

  • Be a VIP or Head of an organization(for which we will need an office ).
  • Being president of a biker club(for which we will need a headquarters ).

If we don’t have either of these two businesses , we will have to buy them in order to start the coup.

First mission: Reconnaissance of Cayo Perico

  • You may be interested in: Location of all the treasure chests in Cayo Perico .

Once we have everything we need to start planning the coup, Pavel and Miguel Madrazo will tell us that the first step will be to fly to the island to take a look at everything we can rob of it and also discover where the papers we are going are. to steal El Rubio from him. We will do this first reconnaissance mission during a beach party to which we will go disguised as the manager of some famous DJs; Don’t worry, the game itself will automatically give you everything you need to enter the island in disguise.

Infiltration at the beach party

When we arrive at Cayo Perico we will do it with a special outfit and without weapons . As soon as we land we can drive an SUV to the beach party and, while the DJs entertain the celebrities on duty, we can sneak out of the party area and investigate the rest of the island, where is what really interests us : drugs, money and the central complex , the main objective of this mission.

Here begins a new challenge: exploring the island without getting caught .

  • Swarming around Cayo Perico there will be a series of guards andsecurity cameras whose cone of vision we can see reflected on the minimap, helping us avoid it.
  • The good thing is that if they catch us they will only throw us to the front door, the bad thing is that that means losing all the progress we have made.
  • During this part of the mission we will have to first find the documentsand then any clues that will help us carry out the coup, as well as things that we can steal.

Go to the communications tower

Upon reaching the communications tower we will have to find the signal box , which you can see in this photo. Its location is random , it is not marked on the map and it can be both on one of the floors of the tower and on the base.

The documents are in the central complex , so instead of sneaking into it we will take advantage of the security cameras to determine its position:

  • We will have to find a telecommunications antenna, hack the signal and sneak into the camera system to see what is inside the complex.
  • This way we will not only discover where the documents are, but also where there are caches of moneythat we can take with us during the final blow.
  • As Pavel will tell you through the communicator, during the last mission we will not be able to take everything we want, but we will have a load limitthat will be higher if we are accompanied.
  • Someof these caches are also only accessible if you go with a partner , so we recommend that you convince at least one friend to do the final blow with you.

All target locations, access points, and guards on Cayo Perico

After having discovered where the documents are, we can return to Los Santos whenever we want , but the ideal is to stay in Cayo Perico for a while longer to reveal the position of all the points of interest on the island: here we include guards, security cameras, secondary objectives (money and drugs that we can steal), lock picks, access points and escape points.

Believe us when we tell you that this new map is worth exploring in depth , because it depends on whether the final blow gives us enough money to be profitable taking into account all the money that we have been spending along the way, which is not it is little.

Below you can see a map of Cayo Perico with all the locations and points of interest on the island, a useful image created by Reddit user FeeneyMemey , which will help us get out of this blow with pockets full of money:

Look at that purple point to the south of the island, the infiltration point that is in the water, because it is the drainage tunnel , one of the most recommended access places and whose position you undoubtedly have to know and unlock before preparing the final blow.

To unlock all these useful points of interest you just have to go to them without being caught by the guards or security cameras and take a photo to send it to Pavel. This way you will have many more options in the planning panel before making the final blow. During this phase of Hitting Cayo Perico you will not be able to steal anything, but at least you will mark where the most interesting things are . We recommend that you pay special attention to the guard uniform posts , where you can change your clothes during the final blow and go unnoticed; otherwise, a scuttle will form that will make the mission even more difficult.

Second step: preparatory missions in Los Santos

After you’ve unlocked all the interesting locations on Cayo Perico, it’s time to head back to Los Santos to prepare for the big final blow . If we enter the Kosatka and go to its central panel we can see that a new section has been unlocked in the menu: that of the preparatory missions . These are a series of objectives that we will have to complete in the city: some will unlock improvements for the final blow, others will weaken the defenses of El Rubio’s army, making our incursion easier.

At the end of the recognition of Cayo Perico, this menu will open on the planning screen . In it we will be able to access all the preliminary missions, both mandatory and optional, that we will carry out in Los Santos.

Each preparatory mission will unlock some useful element that we can use in the final blow, either a vehicle to reach the island without being detected or equipment that will help us infiltrate the complex.

These are the three types of preparatory missions that are available in the Kosatka panel:

Approach vehicles

  • Kosatka Submarine
  • Alkonost plane
  • Velum plane
  • Stealth Anihilator Helicopter
  • Patrol boat
  • Longfin boat


  • Demolition charges
  • Plasma glass cutters
  • Fingerprint hacker
  • Cutting torch


  • Aggressive
  • Conspiratorial
  • Accurate
  • Of sabotage
  • Shooter
  • Silencers

Fortunately, not all these preparatory missions are mandatory , but many of them are, especially in the ‘Equipment’ section. Here we recommend that you do not do all the preparatory missions, but rather that you focus on the strategy you are going to carry out and do the necessary ones accordingly: for example, if you want to give a stealthy hit you can first get an aerial vehicle, then the plasma cutter and attempt an underwater raid; Later we will explain how to develop this tactic because it is probably the easiest way to make the final blow.

There is a fourth type of preparatory mission that will weaken El Rubio’s personal defenses by limiting the weapons available to his soldiers, the armor that the island’s private security can carry or the appearance of helicopter gunships when they catch us. Although it is not necessary to carry out all the previous preparatory missions, here we do recommend carrying out all the disruptions , which are only the following three:


  • Weapons
  • Armor
  • Air support

Once all the necessary preparatory missions have been completed (the Kosatka panel itself will indicate which are the essential ones) , the section that allows us to plan the final blow will finally be unlocked . At this point, we recommend that you check that you have obtained all the previous equipment you need and, above all, that you have revealed the location of all the points of interest on the island.

Final blow to Cayo Perico: recommended strategy

If you already have all the preparations made, in addition to Cayo Perico well explored, it is time to face the final blow. Here, as in the rest of the GTA Online heists, we are allowed to choose between several ways to enter the complex; This time there are a wide variety of possible strategies, so in this guide we are going to explain in detail what we consider optimal to get all the loot without making the last mission impossible.

  • Exploded view:Although in the planning screen we are allowed to hire support equipment, from this guide we recommend not doing so.
  • Each support member not only costs money, but asks us for a requirementthat will either waste our time (such as destroying the island’s air defenses) or will limit our options (such as having to choose yes or yes a point of concrete access). It is too restrictive a help for the benefit it brings, so it is not worth it.

As we anticipated before, the best way to enter the El Rubio complex is with an underwater incursion . If you have unlocked all the access points during the recognition of the coup, you will have been able to see that there is a kind of sewer near the farm where the documents are hidden, a path that is accessed by diving from the sea that surrounds the Island. If you have not found it, we recommend that you reconnoiter Cayo Perico before the final blow and go directly to mark it. Here is its exact location:

To get to this point there are two ideal ways :

  • The first is with a water vehicle, be it the boat or the submarine.
  • The second is with a parachute jump; If you are skilled with it, we recommend this second method to get directly to the water avoiding all the guards and security cameras on the island. Simply jump when you are closest to the access point and land in the water being careful not to be seen or to touch any of the underwater mines that are scattered along the coast.

When you dive to the underwater entrance, the head of the mission will have to use the cutter to open the metal fence that prevents access. Be careful, this method will have a good time underwater, so either you choose the Kosatka as an approach vehicle, which will give you a diving suit with practically unlimited air , or you get a good number of recyclers in Ammu- Nation (where they will only appear if you’ve already made the assault on Humane Labs) before you hit.

After cutting the door and diving a bit , you will be inside the complex . That easy. With other methods, only access to the farm would have cost us a little longer and we would surely have ended up opting for a much more violent and risky route. When we are inside the complex, it will be time to stealth so that the guards do not see us. Two recommendations here:

  • The first is that you choose the weaponry with silencers to eliminate guardswithout being detected.
  • The second is that you be careful with the juggernaut, a specially armored soldier with a machine gun that you can also defeat by shooting but you should not see you. You will know which soldier it is because it will appear on the minimap with a red skull icon .

From here, the rest of the hit is pretty straightforward : advance to the central part of the compound, dodge the guards’ cone of vision, and stealthily take out those who will catch you. When you enter El Rubio’s office, hack the fingerprint to access the basement and get everything you can once inside. From there we can only flee the island, although this last step is important enough to deserve its own section.

Escape from Cayo Perico

Exit from the main complex will almost always be through the main gate , unless you have obtained the hook or key from the panel , as the supply truck or the drainage tunnel will not be able to be used to exit at this time.

  • Once outside, there will be several guards, but they shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you. Kill them and move on.
  • You can find bicycles at the checkpoint. Hop on one to get away.
  • Outside the enclosure, be careful with anEl Rubio helicopter that will arrive to search the area. His movement is always in a straight line to the end of the island, so be careful and avoid him.

You will have to leave the island through the escape point you selected on the final screen. Although you can change your plans at the last minute and escape by another route. We recommend that you head towards the docks and flee into the sea , since it is quite easy to escape there and get far enough from the island to complete the mission successfully.

Repeating the Final Blow

As with the rest of the hits in GTA Online, the final blow to Cayo Perico can be repeated uninterruptedly whenever we want by paying $ 25,000 for planning costs. The hard mode is unlocked after stealing the island when Pavel send us a message letting us know that we can come back.

These are the winnings we receive for each objective when repeating the final blow of Cayo Perico:

  • Sinsimito Tequila:$ 900,000 ($ 990,000 in hard).
  • Ruby Necklace:$ 1,000,000 ($ 1,100,000 in hard).
  • Bearer Bonds:$ 1,100,000 ($ 1,210,000 in difficult).
  • Pink Diamond:$ 1,300,000 ($ 1,430,000 in hard).
  • Panther Statue:$ 1,900,000 ($ 2,090,000 hard).
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