Heist The Diamond Casino In GTA Online;Guide

We show you a complete guide with everything you need to successfully carry out The Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online. Tips, better equipment, routes and strategies to follow and much more.


  1. Requirements to start Hitting The Diamond Casino
  2. Recognition of the Casino: all locations, entrances and points of interest
  3. Types of strategies to rob the casino
  4. Planning the coup: What equipment is best to bring?
  5. Casino robbery with stealth strategy
  6. Casino robbery with infiltration strategy
  7. Robbery at the casino with aggression strategy
  8. Types of casino loot, rewards and replay

The Whack The Diamond Casino is one of the blows available in GTA Online , multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V . This great robbery was added to the game through a free update of the year 2019 and in it we must rob the building of The Diamond Casino & Resort to win a lot of money .

So that you do not have any kind of problem, here is a guide with all the details, tips and strategies to follow to successfully complete the Heist at The Diamond Casino in GTA Online.


Requirements to start Hit the Diamond Casino

The Heist at The Diamond Casino is a great heist with multiple options that, unlike many other heists , to perform the missions of this one you do not need to have a luxury apartment , but a different property .

  • You must acquire:one of the Arcade Slot Shops that are all over Los Santos.
  • To unlock the purchase of these businesses:first you have to meet with Lester’s character in Mirror Park (look for the green L icon on the map), it will appear after completing the first 5 hits.
  • This type of property can be purchased:from the Maze Bank Foreclosures Internet website and there are a total of 6 available.
  • The price of the machine shops: itranges from $ 1,235,000 to $ 2,530,000.

As you can see, they are quite an expensive property, however, you only need to acquire one of this type and it may be the cheapest . That’s why we recommend that if you don’t want to waste a lot of money, buy the slot machine business called Pixel Pete’s Arcade , which is located in Paleto Bay and costs $ 1,235,000 (free for Twitch Prime subscribers). If you don’t mind spending a little more money, it is preferable to buy the Arcade store that is closer to the Casino building (La Mesa), because you will be coming and going from one place to another many times and thus the trips will be more short.

Regarding the improvements and additions that can be made to this business, it is not necessary that you spend additional money on it because it will serve you in its most basic state to carry out the coup. As soon as you have it, you can go to him to perform the activation mission . From the secret basement of the property is where the missions of the hit to the casino begin.

Of course, importantly, in order to activate the missions on the boards in the basement of the slot machine business, you will also have to fulfill one of these two prerequisites:

  • Be a VIP or Head of an organization(for which we will need an office ).
  • Being president of a biker club(for which we will need a headquarters ).

If we do not have either of these two businesses , we will have to buy them in order to start any of the heist missions.

Casino recognition: all locations, entrances and points of interest

The first mission that we can carry out for this coup is the recognition of the Casino . This mission is really important since thanks to it we will be able to take pictures of the casino’s points of interest, such as its entrances.

All these points of interest will help you make the hit much easier to perform and also more profitable, so it is recommended that you do a 100% recognition of the casino. These are all the points you should be photographing right now:

Casino access points

These are all the casino entrances that you should recognize by taking photos:

  • Main door: itis in the front of the building, it has no loss.
  • Side Doors –Take photos of the keyboard doors at the back of the casino and on the left side.
  • Roof terrace:Up here you go up in an elevator, there are up to four doors with keypads (one next to the pool, one down the stairs behind the bar and two at the back, passing the ledge to the left of the pool ).
  • Helipad:there are two keyboard doors on each side.
  • Securitytunnel : there is a tunnel under the road, at the back of the casino, with a large garage door.
  • Sewer tunnel:across the street from the casino you will find a large river drain, through that sewer you will find a gate with bars.

Main points of interest of the casino

Apart from the tickets, there are also several points of interest that you will find it great to photograph, they are the following:

  • Security guard: itis next to the elevator at the reception.
  • Keyboard:inside the casino, you will see it next to the restricted access doors.
  • First security camera: itis on the ceiling of the main room of the casino.
  • Second security camera: itis on the roof of the building.
  • Valet Parking: Nextto the front door of the casino.
  • Plan of the vault: itis on a desk in the administration office (requires having paid a VIP entrance to the casino, that is, having bought the Penthouse).

Casino Vault Points of Interest

After completing the first recon mission, when you return to the basement of the slot machine business, you can begin one more recon mission related to the contents of the casino vault . Thanks to this mission you will know what kind of loot you will have to steal each time you want to make the hit.

First you will have to hack the mobile of a casino employee (its location depends on which arcade venue you have bought). After this, when you return to the casino, you can take control of the security cameras through the Tourist application to examine these points of interest:

  • Metal detectors.
  • Staff elevator.
  • Security office.
  • Main office.
  • Elevator room.
  • Main entrance.
  • Rooftop camera.

Simply when you have control of the cameras , sweep from side to side so that the target is registered. When you have done it with all of them, you will have finished the recognition and you can leave. Also this will unlock the option to buy some extras on your board (although they are not very useful).

Types of strategies to rob the casino

The casino coup can be done from three different approaches or strategies , which will vary the final mission as well as the preparatory missions. These are the three existing styles for hitting the casino:

  • Stealth:A sneaky heist takes place where you have to avoid being detected.
  • Infiltration: Youpose as casino employees without being discovered in the process.
  • Aggression: Youconfront the casino guards in a hostile and aggressive manner.

Further down in this guide we give you tips for each style. Keep in mind that you will not be able to repeat the same strategy twice in a row in the hit, therefore if you carry out the theft in Stealth, the next time it will have to be in Infiltration or Aggression (and the same happens for the other versions).

Preparatory missions change depending on the type of strategy , although they can all be completed in public or private sessions and even alone. Some are mandatory, while others are optional. Of course, the more you do, the more profit you’ll get and the easier the final blow will be.

Planning the coup: What equipment is best to bring?

As we have said, the hit to the casino is carried out from different approaches, but whatever the chosen one, we will always have to hire a team that gives us support in different aspects: drivers, gunsmiths and hackers.

In this sense, you should choose the one that best suits your needs . Each team member collects a final percentage of the loot that varies depending on how good it is. Most of the time it is always advisable to choose a good hacker to have more time available in the vault, while drivers and gunmen are more unnecessary and you can save some money on them.


These are the drivers you can hire for the coup:

Driver Level Loot percentage Availability
Karim Denz Low 5% For all
Taliana martinez Well 7% For all
Eddie toh Expert 9% For all
Zach Nelson Well 6% Only if you own a biker club
Chester mckoy Expert 10% Only if you own a bunker or arena workshop

It should be noted that Zach only provides motorcycles and that Chester can only be hired as a driver if he has not been chosen as a gunman. Here you could hire the cheapest one if your driving skills are very good.


These are the gunmen you can hire for the coup:

Gunman Level Loot percentage Availability
Karl Arbolaji Low 5% For all
Gustavo Mota Expert 9% For all
Charlie reed Well 7% Only if you own a hangar
Chester mckoy Expert 10% Only if you own a bunker or arena workshop
Patrick McReary Expert 8% Only if you completed the freemode random event

Be careful with your choice, it is not a very good idea to choose the cheapest one because it will offer you very bad weapons, and you will almost always end up with a shooting, at least in flight.


These are the hackers you can hire for the coup:

Hacker Level Loot percentage Availability
Rickie lukens Poor 3% For all
Christian feltz Well 7% For all
Yohan blair Well 5% Only if you own a nightclub
Paige harris Expert 9% Only if you own a Terrorbyte
Avi Schwartzman Expert 10% Only if you have destroyed all 50 jammers / jammers

The best hacker you can hire is Paige Harris or Avi Schwartzman , since they will give you the most time to steal the contents of the vault (Paige gives 3 minutes and 25 seconds and Avi 3 minutes and 30 seconds, without the alarms activated).

Stealth strategy casino robbery

Stealth mode casino robbery is perhaps the most difficult strategy to carry out as it requires that we not be caught.

  • Sneak into the building –with silenced weapons and pierce the vault with a laser while avoiding security cameras and guards.
  • Take it easy:and do not rush because you can make any mistake that ends the mission.
  • Recognize the place well:and study the locations and movements of the guards.
  • Don’t kill:Unless you see a guard passing right your way (if there are more than one together, coordinate with your teammates to finish them off at the same time).
  • Disable any security cameras –that are on your route to the vault.
  • Use as point of entry and exit:the staff room with security passes level 1 and 2.

These are the preparatory missions available for the stealth strategy:

Mandatory missions

  • Steal getaway vehicles.
  • Steal the weapons that will be used in the coup.
  • Steal the system for hacking.
  • Steal the cards from the vault.
  • Get the nano drones.
  • Get the lasers for the vault.

Optional missions

  • Duggan Shipments (recommended for headshots).
  • Guards route (highly recommended to do to know where each guard is).
  • Security passes (highly recommended to open doors without the need to hack them).
  • More expensive.
  • Drills
  • Infiltration suits.

Casino robbery with infiltration strategy

The infiltration casino robbery is possibly the safest and easiest way to proceed when making this hit:

  • In this strategy:you disguise yourself to enter the casino, steal the loot and leave without being seen (of course, if everything is done perfectly).
  • The costumes for the entrance: theyshould be from the Gruppe Sechs team, since with this you can go directly to the door of the loot chamber without being detected.
  • Disguise for the exit:the most recommended are those of the NOOSE to escape, in this way you will go unnoticed by the other policemen.
  • Escape route: itis best to do it from the staff room, near the laundry.

These are the preparatory missions available for the infiltration strategy:

Mandatory missions

  • Steal getaway vehicles.
  • Steal the weapons that will be used in the coup.
  • Steal the system for hacking.
  • Get the clothing and equipment for the infiltration.
  • Get the vault cards.
  • Get the drill for the dome.

Optional missions

  • Security passes.
  • Guards route.
  • Escape costumes (it is advisable to do it to have the costumes available).
  • More expensive.
  • Drills
  • Duggan’s shipments.

Robbery at the casino with aggression strategy

The assault mode casino robbery is ideal for players who like action and shootouts the most .

  • It’s the way:faster to hit.
  • You will have to fight against the security of the building:and use thermal charges to make your way to the vault.
  • However, it is also risky:because it implies that alarms go off, having less time to steal, and taking more risks that can lead to death or loot along the way.
  • In this mode it is essential:that you hire an expert gunman.
  • You can choose the escape point that you like the most:the distance to which the vehicles are is practically the same in all of them.

These are the preparatory missions available for the aggression strategy:

Mandatory missions

  • Steal getaway vehicles.
  • Steal the weapons that will be used in the coup.
  • Steal the system for hacking.
  • Get the explosives for the vault.
  • Get the thermal loads.
  • Get the vault cards.

Optional missions

  • Duggan Shipments (highly recommended so opponents don’t have extra armor).
  • Reinforced armor (highly recommended for extra help).
  • Drills
  • Security passes
  • Guards route (interesting if you want to see the enemies on the minimap).

Casino loot types, rewards, and replay

When you do the mission to recognize the contents of the casino vault, the first time you make the hit, the money will always come out as loot , although each time you repeat it later , one or the other loot may appear randomly . This type of loot will determine the money and the final winnings of the hit (although it can decrease if we do not steal all the content or if we are shot in the bags during the flight).

Here we show you which ones are available from the most common to the rarest:

  • Money:around $ 2,115,000 (normal) or $ 2,326,500 (hard).
  • Artwork:about $ 2,350,000 or $ 2,585,000 (hard).
  • Gold:around $ 2,585,000 or $ 2,843,500 (hard).
  • Diamonds:about $ 3,290,000 or $ 3,619,000 (hard). This loot only appears on certain special occasions or for a limited time.

As with the rest of the GTA Online heists, the missions of the Heist at The Diamond Casino can be repeated without interruption whenever we want paying an activation cost of $ 25,000 . After docking them 3 times, we will have the option to cancel the hit for this price if we do not like the content of the camera.

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