Hearthstone: Zorkthar Spell Hunter Deck Guide

Introducing the Zorkthar Spell Hunter deck: a description of the archetype, tips for choosing a starting hand, and a game plan

Hello everyone. More recently, there have been tremendous changes to the balance of Hearthstone cards such as Bonemare, Pirate Scout, Raza the Captive, and Hallway Horror. By the way, do not forget to spray them, because you will receive the full cost of Arcane Dust and if you need this or that card, you can create it back to your collection without loss. With these tweaks, Blizzard allowed previously unpopular archetypes to play with new colors, which fundamentally changed the metagame, in which control decks began to dominate.

In this article, you will learn about the “Spell Hunter” deck of the player under the nickname Zorkthar, flying the flag of the esports organization Nordavind, which he reached # 9 in the legend. The archetype has become very interesting and viable at the moment and most are still experimenting with its builds – according to Vicious Syndicate, it is the fifth most popular deck, 7.5% of all fans of the game play it.

About archetype

The Spell Hunter is a powerful deck based on spell cards, with only Barnes and Y’Shaarj as creatures. It is “Barnes”, who will call 1/1 copy of “Y’Shaarj”, calling from “Y’Shaarj” 10/10 deck, who are used as the main pressure tool in the middle of the game, such a table can easily destroy an opponent in the next couple of moves. All spells in the deck are aimed at controlling the table, as well as inflicting damage on the opponent’s hero, and the hero’s power is quite capable of destroying the enemy in a few moves with additional damage.

Spell Hunter Deck

Deck code : AAECAR8EhwSoqwKFuAKG0wINjQGoArUDyQTtBpcI2wn + DPixAt3SAt / SAuPSAuHjAgA =

Starting hand

  • “Amulet: small emerald”. A powerful spell that amplifies each time you play a secret. Its strongest form summons four 3/3 wolves, which equals the stats of Deathwing for five mana. It should be left in the starting hand to play on the fifth move.
  • It is very important to have this creature at the start, as you can win very quickly by placing “Y’Shaarj” on the table.
  • “Candle Shooter”. Crazy weapon that allows you to destroy creatures not only at the early stage of the game, but also later without taking damage. He does not have such a high attack, but too often you will miss exactly the unit that this weapon provides.
  • “Wandering Monster”. A great secret that summons a creature worth three mana crystals when an opponent’s creature attacks your hero. This allows you to save several units of health, and also, in the case of a successful creature, to clean the opponent’s table.
  • “Focus-catus”. An excellent spell to leave against classes that use a lot of spells. The secret summons a 4/2 beast with disguise, when the opponent uses a spell that can be very profitably exchanged with the enemy’s creatures.
  • Eagle’s Horn Bow. Another weapon in the deck, which is the main source of damage for the archetype, since it has good characteristics, and also increases its durability with each secret revealed.
  • “Pet”. It is worth leaving only if you have a coin in your hand, since there are many “Secret of Mages” in ranked games, which can easily cancel the spell. The card summons one of three random pets of Rexxar – “Leokka” 2/4, which gives +1 to attack to all your creatures; “Haffer” 4/2 with a dash or “Misha” 4/4 with a provocation. Each of them is useful in its own way and can be a chance for survival or victory in the party.

How to play

Playing as a “Spell Hunter”, you need to clear the opponent’s table with the “Candle Arrow” and other control tools from the first moves. Try to find Barnes in your starting hand and play it as early as possible to summon Y’Shaarj to the battlefield. Use Secret Cards to confuse your opponent, forcing him to do wrong actions, as well as gaining a tempo advantage. Do not forget that Eagle Horn Bow gets a bonus to durability if the enemy has activated your secret, so use it wisely. Sometimes you will have to give up on an advantageous attack on a creature in order to gain more durability and damage. In the late game, you must defeat aggressive decks, and if your opponent is a control deck, then your only chance of winning is Deathstalker Rexxar. On leaving,


The Spell Hunter is a very interesting and variable archetype that poses a threat to a huge variety of decks in the current meta. Players continue to reach high positions in the legend and this can be called a performance indicator. We hope you found this material useful. Good luck in ranked games. Win!

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