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Let’s talk about the SilverName Zoolock deck: a description of the archetype, tips for choosing a starting hand and improving the deck, as well as a game plan

The Hearthstone meta continues to evolve and welcome new guests. The introduction of patch 10.2 completely changed the metagame, removing from it such cards as “Bone Mare”, “Pirate Scout”, “Captured Times” and “Corridor Horror”, which haunted a large number of players. Cossack Priests, Tempo Rogues, and Pirate Warriors have all but disappeared from ranked games, allowing other archetypes to take their place in competitive matches.

In this article, we will tell you about the Zoolok deck of Russian player Vladislav “ SilverName ” Sinotov , with which he was able to take # 1 position in the legend . The deck was previously very popular, before the arrival of Kazakus the Priest and the release of the Knights of the Frozen Throne, which quickly weakened his win rate.

It is very easy to learn to play “Zoololok” – the main thing is to know when and which creatures to play the most profitable. Also, the archetype will come as a surprise to your opponent, because a large number of players use the popular Cubolok or Warlock Control builds.

About archetype

Zoo is a fast midrange archetype, which is based on the early capture of the table by cheap demons such as Fire Imp, Abyss Demon, Rough Homunculus, as well as on spells that can both strengthen them and destroy the enemy. The deck plays well at all stages of the game, both early and late, with the help of the Warlock’s Death Knight “Bloodsucker Gul’dan”, who resurrects all dead demons during the game, and also changes the strength of the hero.

Deck “Zooloka”

Deck code : AAECAcn1AgLCzgKX0wIOMLsD9wTyBc4Hwgj2CLSsAry2Ase7Asm7AvfNAvHQAvLQAgA =

Starting hand

The choice of cards for your starting hand determines your starting game and the more cheap creatures you have, the better, but you should not focus only on them, since you also need to think about the continuation. Look for the following cards in your starting hand:

  • “Fiery demon”. A powerful early demon that has a nasty battle cry that damages your hero, but has insane stats for one mana crystal.
  • “Demon of the Abyss.” Another powerful demon that will help you grab the table early in the game, as well as protect your other creatures.
  • Rough Homunculus. A new demon from “Cobalds and Catacombs” in the arsenal of cheap creatures “Zoolok”, which protects the hero and creatures from damage from the table.
  • “Kobold Librarian”. A creature that at its core is the personification of the power of the Warlock’s hero, and also has good characteristics of a creature in the early stages of the game.
  • “Darkshire Councilor.” An insanely powerful creature in the deck, since it has a large supply of health, and the attack will constantly increase due to the cheap Zoolok creatures.
  • Hungry Crab. An excellent creature if you are playing against the Murloc Paladin, as it destroys the Murloc and gains a bonus to attack and health.
  • Soul Burn. A spell that can be used as a removal tool, as well as to deal damage to an opponent’s hero. Always be careful and only use it when needed.
  • “Demon fire”. Act as a buff to your demons, as well as to destroy enemy creatures. A very flexible spell that will come in handy in the early stages of the game.

How to play

Zoolock plays fast, aggressively grabbing the table. From the first turns, you need to play your cheap demons to fill the battlefield. There are a lot of aggressive decks in ranked games, so you have to control the board and only after that start attacking your opponent’s hero.

Table control is the key to winning with Zoo. His loss can be considered tantamount to defeat, although the Warlock has quite a lot of tools to win the table back.

As a finisher, the build uses the Guardians of the Dread, the Lich King, and the Bloodsucker Gul’dan to instantly revive all your demons and change the well-improved hero power. You can also inflict damage with Soul Scorch, or empower your demons with Demon Fire or Blood Fury Potion.


Zoo shine with new colors after the introduction of changes in the card balance into the game. He is able to withstand many decks in the current metagame, and can also come as a surprise to the enemy. We hope this guide helped you. Good luck in ranked games. Win!

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