Hearthstone Guide: OTK Paladin by StanCifka

Let’s talk about the OTC Paladin deck from StanCifka: a description of the archetype, tips for choosing a starting hand, and a game plan

Hoping that the Hearthstone metagame has settled down ? No matter how it is! Blizzard recently announced the changes coming in 10.2, but no one expected it to come out so soon. The players were given almost no time to predict the new meta and rolled out that very update, which includes changes in the balance of the strongest cards: “Pirate Scout”, “Captive Raza”, “Bone Mare” and “Corridor Horror”.

In this article we will look at a new build of “OTK Paladin” from a professional player from the Czech Republic Stanislav “StanCifka” Tsifka, which nevertheless found its popularity: the archetype is often played in rating games, reaching high positions in the legend.

About archetype

OTK Paladin is an insanely powerful combo deck, which is based on a huge number of table control tools, as well as an auxiliary combination, thanks to which it is possible to defeat the enemy in one turning point, even if the opponent has Ice Block or a huge amount of health.

The archetype has proven its efficiency and effectiveness at the high places of the legend and can smash almost any deck to smithereens without even using a lethal combo

Deck “OTK Paladin”

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Lethal combination

The combination, thanks to which the archetype got the name “OTK Paladin”, uses a very difficult to execute and takes place in several stages. We suggest you familiarize yourself with them in more detail:

  1. The deck uses two copies of the “Thieving Badass” card, which provides the hero with a “Coin” when the opponent casts a spell. It is the drawing of the “Thieving Bully” in a convenient, and most importantly, advantageous position for you, that can provide you with the opportunity to get one or two “Coins”.
  2. The second stage of the combination consists in playing the Death Knight Paladin card “Uther of the Ebon Blade”. When you use it, your hero’s class ability changes from summoning 1/1 “Recruit Paladin” to summoning 2/2 “Horsemen of the Apocalypse” and if you can summon 4 at once, you will win.
  3. The final stage includes playing the combination itself. Hero strength (2 mana), “Auctioneer Whippet” (3 mana), “Coin” (0 mana), hero strength (2 mana), “Coin” (0 mana) or “Humility” (1 mana), hero strength ( 2 mana).

Always remember that the combo is insanely difficult and can only be played with 10 mana crystals.

Starting hand

The choice of cards for your starting hand is a very crucial step that will determine your play at the beginning of the game. In most cases, the following cards will come in handy:

  • “Treasure hunter”. An early creature that draws cards. At the same time, he has good characteristics and he can exchange with an opponent’s creature.
  • “Armored beetle”. A powerful early game creature that will help you control the table, as well as gain an additional three points of armor.
  • “Peacemaker of the Aldor”. Another creature that will help you survive in the early stages of the game, changing the attack rate of the enemy minion to one.
  • Defender of the Hills. Not a bad defensive creature that will enhance your late game with a new taunt card.
  • The Silver Blade. A table control weapon that can also act as a small heal.

How to play

The process of playing for “OTK Paladin” is not easy: you need to calculate your actions in advance every move and constantly destroy your opponent’s creatures. Try to survive until the late stage of the game to unleash the full potential of the deck. To successfully complete the game, you will need to play the lethal combination, which was described earlier. In the most desperate situations, use the Furious Pyromancer + Equal or Equal + Lighting combo to clear the table.


Nerf has brought a lot more variety to the game than the players anticipated. Most thought Control Warlock would take over the metageme, but the opposite was true. Time will tell how the deck will continue to solidify in ranked play, but for now we can see that the archetype is very strong. We hope this guide helped you. Win!


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