Heartburn in pregnancy: know the reasons and know how to avoid

Heartburn is one of the most common among the inconveniences caused to women during pregnancy.

El Digestive System This is one of those who suffer the most during the entire gestation, or the future mother. In many cases, it is the one that even gives the first indication that the stork is on its way to lead the woman to receive pregnancy tests. Apart from nausea and abdominal pain, heartburn is also a common complaint in pregnant women.

And the causes are naturally occurring changes in the woman’s body, as explained by the gynecologist and Rosa Maria Name, director of the Endometriosis Center of São Paulo. ” Heartburn in pregnancy is related to gastric reflux in most cases, due to uterine enlargement and hormonal changes that occur in pregnancy. “

Despite being more common when pregnancy is already in a more advanced stage, jealousy is not an appropriate period to appear . “Most are started by women heartburn and experience suffer from poor digestion en the second half of pregnancy , although it may first appear,” says gynecologist. She also remembers that heartburn is a bad thing that usually comes and goes during pregnancy, and that it will disappear only after the child is born.


The bad news is that in this case there is no way to avoid trouble is only possible to enjoy a sense of ardor . Rosa Maria Name gives some practical advice. It can help to soften heartburn during pregnancy.

  • tomato sauce as food , mustard, mayonnaise, coconut, granola, nuts, coffee, chocolate, soft drinks, beer, wine and juice industry;
  • Eat fruits regularly such as pears, apples, mangoes, very ripe peaches, papaya, bananas and grapes. Fizzy and cold drinks can also help;
  • Chew all foods well , to facilitate digestion;
  • Do not lie down immediately after eating food ;
  • Do not wear tight clothes. In the stomach and abdomen;
  • Eat small portions each time;
  • Place a 10 cm nail on the headboard of the bed;
  • Do not smoke and avoid exposure to cigarette.
Gynecologists also say that if these remedies do not work, it will be necessary to find a solution . Use of the drug , which is often quite effective against heartburn in pregnancy. But it is important to remember that each drug is indicated by a doctor. Should go, especially during pregnancy, when self-medication can endanger the health of your child 
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