Healthy daily routine: small habits that can change your day

Do you realize that, in your daily routine, work dominates most of the hours of sunshine? Do you think you are dedicating too much (or too little) to what you really planned as your 2020 goal ?

So, this can be an excellent opportunity to learn more about yourself, and in a very simple way: knowing your daily routine and inserting healthy habits along it.

In order for you to better understand what we are talking about and learn how to apply these tips in your daily routine, we have prepared this post.

In the topics below, we will highlight what are the attitudes that can lead you to a healthy daily routine and surrounded by benefits to improve your quality of life on a daily basis. Check out!

Pay attention to the amount of daily baths

It may seem, at the very least, something curious to notice in your daily routine. But, according to recent research on the subject, the high amount of baths has a negative impact on the skin and hair, and can dry them excessively.

So, although the intention is to cleanse the body – which, in fact, it does -, many baths in your daily routine can also mean that you are doing away with the natural oil created by the body. And, as a defense, he starts to create more.

To do this, take into account the aspects of your scalp and skin: normally, not very oily or dry hair can be cleaned only once or twice a week.

Stop seeing the bath as a necessity for every moment, therefore. Get to know your body better, and then react according to what it asks for.

Wake up before drinking coffee

This is for those who say they only wake up after a cup of coffee. This type of habit is harmful because you are undermining the body’s natural work – such as releasing the hormone cortisol, which acts similarly to that provided by caffeine.

When we over-supplement this with doses of coffee, the body can interpret that hormonal release is no longer so necessary.

Try exercising fasting

There is a good habit for your daily routine that few people practice: fasting exercises. When performed, the body accelerates the weight loss process and increases the body’s energy levels, which favors burning throughout the entire day.

Thus, exercising in the morning, and fasting, can be of great value to you who have outstanding weight loss goals on your annual schedule.

Insert healthy foods into your daily routine

Start your day with a good diet based on:

  • proteins;
  • fibers;
  • healthy fats.

Leave the carbs in moderation for lunch, for example. And invest more in avocado, eggs and yogurt in the morning. Especially, for those who have goals to lose weight.

With a balanced diet and exercise inserted into your daily routine, your goals can be continuously improved, as you are going in the right direction for your achievement.

Attention to your posture throughout the day

With proper posture in the work environment – where you should spend a good part of the day – your body thanks you immensely.

This is because the inadequate positioning turns into various harms, such as:

  • sore muscles;
  • accumulated tension;
  • poor blood circulation;
  • weight gain.

In turn, dedicating yourself to the correct posture allows your body to be more relaxed and, even, it is easier to concentrate on your task without the problems mentioned above.

To do this, keep your back upright and arrange the position of the chair in relation to the table, so that you don’t have to strain yourself. The arms must not be fully extended to reach the keyboard, for example, nor should your spine be stretched to reach the table.

Drink water

You may have heard it somewhere, but it is well founded. Drinking more water in your daily routine can prevent cases of dehydration (which generates headaches and fatigue, among other symptoms), which interferes with your productivity, focus and disposition, even.

So create a goal of one to two liters a day, but also invest in foods that have a good source of water, such as:

  • cauliflower;
  • spinach;

That is: in addition to eating better, you still hydrate the body.

Avoid eye fatigue

Create breaks in your daily life so that your eyes are not irritable and your body is tense. Take the opportunity to relax, stretch your body and promote blood circulation.

Do this for five minutes every hour, for example, or according to your schedule. It is small and simple, but it offers a good load of benefits for your body and mind.

Rest your brain before bed

Here is a big challenge for many people: disconnecting before going to sleep. After all, it is already a habit, almost collective, to stay until the last moment on the cell phone with the lights already off.

It just keeps the brain going, which makes it difficult for those precious little minutes where you could already have your body and mind resting.

Based on these tips, you can avoid a number of problems due to exaggerated tiredness. For example: self- sabotage , since you will learn more about yourself, and learn how to relate to your daily routine and also to your reactions to everyday situations.

But, look at this: you don’t have to stop learning more about yourself based on these tips, exclusively, did you know? On our Facebook page , Instagram and also on YouTube , we are always posting tips and news for you to take on a more balanced, healthy and focused daily routine for your quality of life! Pay us a visit there and interact with us!

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