Healthy Baby Corn’s Healthy Quality, Use and Cultivation

Baby ears are finger-shaped and yellow in color, which are collected without peeling. It sounds like corn but not corn. It is also called Baby Sweet Corn which is collected from the tree before it is mature.

Quality of health

(1) Helps to reduce weight The amount of calories in baby ears helps in diet.

(2) Baby corn has a high fiber content, it helps digestion.

(4) Iron in baby’s ear is high because it helps to reduce anemia or anemia.

(1) Baby ear helps maintain maturity.

(1) In addition to the high amount of nutrients in the baby’s ears, it also contains fiber and protein that help to eliminate the nutrients deficient in the body.


Baby ears can be eaten as vegetables while raw. Also served with other diets. Serve with soups, noodles, salads. Baby corn is also found in airtight cans in a mixture of water, salt, sugar, vinegar, which can be used month after month.

At the time of sowing

Baby corn can be cultivated throughout the year. However, sowing can be sown in October-November or February-March and July-August. In heavy rains the seeds can be decomposed and germination problems occur at low temperatures so the seeds should not be sown at this time.

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Cultivation method

  • First you need to soak a tissue paper.
  • Then the seeds of baby ears should be scattered one by one.
  • Another tissue is sprayed with water over the paper again
  • Put it in a plastic box. After 3 days the seed will germinate.
  • Then carefully remove the seedlings from the tissue paper gently so that the root of the fodder does not burst. Transfer these saplings into a plastic bottle or tub and place them in the light.


Weeds need to be cleaned properly. Water should be given 2 times as a rule. Water extraction should be ensured during the rainy season.


Usually the crop can be harvested within 3-5 months of planting. When the baby corn is seen 2.5 to 1.5 cm long at the bottom of the mocha head, it is necessary to cut the mocha from the tree with a sharp knife or scissors.


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