Healthier supper: 4 tips to adapt

The holidays are coming and it is common to make some exaggerations in food and with these exaggerations comes the extra pounds. But how about making a healthier supper, with different options?
We prepared 4 days to make a healthier and clear, tasty supper.

4 tips for a healthier supper

Chestnuts, hazelnuts, walnuts and almonds are natural snacks that are always present at Christmas tables. It has properties that regulate cholesterol, in addition to selenium and antioxidants. But of course, avoid exaggerating, as they are very caloric.
Dried fruits are very healthy snacks, rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other properties that help to improve mood and decrease anxiety.

A good tip for a healthy supper is to choose only one type of carbohydrate to compose your dish, as generally the healthiest ones are the most caloric. Rice with dried fruits or manioc flour with vegetables are good options.

For supper meat, choose turkey. It is healthier than the other options, such as tender, chester or ham. All of these options have a high content of nutrients, such as iron and B vitamins. Avoid consuming meat skin, so you reduce cholesterol. And serve the turkey with light fruits as they help with digestion.

If you are in the habit of drinking, avoid spirits. Opt for wine or sparkling wines, which are less caloric. Switch between a glass of water and a drink. And if you don’t drink, it’s worth trying juices and non-alcoholic drinks with the fruits of that time.


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