The health of the mouth when we diet

Finally the heat has reached our days. Summer is already here and that is synonymous with joy, but if we are not happy with our body, this feeling can be transformed into an extra dose of anguish and frustration, for not having achieved the difficult goal of having the desired body to to be able to wear it at this time. It is a time where express diets and intensive gym and sport sessions invade our lives. Have we wondered if these extra efforts are beneficial for our general health and, in addition, if this can affect our dental health?

According to studies, 76% of Spaniards admit that they are not happy with their current weight . Therefore, it is very common to undergo a multitude of miraculous diets, in addition to launching our bodies into sports disciplines for which, on occasions, we are not prepared, without taking into account how this change in routine can affect other parts of our body. , as is our mouth, one of the parts of our body, to which we do not pay attention when we decide to take care of ourselves.

Apparently, the most contraindicated foods for our oral health are those banished in any diet, such as sugars, although the truth is that some regimes (most of them not competent medical prescriptions) dispense with necessary foods in dental health. The dentist Iván Malagón analyzes these false myths, and we discover the dangers that fully affect our dental health:

Yes to dairy : The trend of dismissing dairy products in diets, claiming that from a certain age they are not necessary, is false. If we do without calcium in our daily diet, we will be contributing to less dental health.

No to the elimination of fruit in your diet : Another of the foods that, due to hyperprotein diets make us abandon, are fruits, attributing fluid retention and an excess of sugars through fructose. Everyone knows that apples and strawberries are essential for teeth and, in the case of the latter, they help us to whiten teeth naturally.

Sport yes, but not high impact : A practice of high impact sport with regularity and high frequency is not as beneficial as it seems at first, since if you decide to put it into practice, the use of a correct dental splint is key to prevent tooth wear. The change of routine increasing the physical exercise in our day to day has to be carried out knowing the importance of the state of the mouth during the process, a bad teeth damage our physical form.

A bad mouth causes loss of fibrillary tone

According to the expert, Iván Malagón:

«A mouth in poor condition can impair sports performance , as it generates, among others: balance problems, muscle injuries, headaches and cramps.

In addition, a high accumulation of bacteria in our mouth can cause them to travel through the blood and become deposited in the muscles, which would lead to a loss of fibrillary tone that could lead to various injuries, such as tears, joint pain or injuries from the tendons.

Without a doubt, we must not leave our mouth and teeth aside in the eating routine, where the word “diet” and “sport” are so common these days. For this reason, add the “D”, of denture to your care “, affirms the doctor.


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