Health and economy: why and how does a water purifier help you?

If the habit of researching a product is already common before buying it, nowadays this is even more frequent. This is because the internet brings us a series of valuable information at the touch of a button, which greatly facilitates our searches. In addition, seeking to know about the intended product is a more than recommended practice, since one detail or another can be a differentiator.

In the case of  water purifiers , it is common for some doubts to be present, since the variety is large. What to prioritize? Give preference to what? Which model is better? Is it even possible to save money on the equipment? In this post, we list some observations that must be taken into account when buying your first water purifier!

5 priorities in a water purifier

1) Economy

The  economy  is a key factor when purchasing a new appliance, whatever it is. In the case of the water purifier this would be no different, since it is a device that is connected to the energy 24h. Therefore, it is important to observe the energy consumption before hitting the hammer and, more than that, to verify the relationship of consumption with the capacity that the appliance has to cool. After all, there is no use for an  economic purifier , but it does not fulfill the function of offering ice water in the right measure.

2) Practicality when changing the filter

An important detail, especially in the current days, is how easy and practical the handling of the purifier is. This includes filter changes, which must be regular according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. In this way, equipment that is practical to change and can be carried out even by the user must be essential, saving, in addition to time, money!

3) Efficiency to freeze water

We have already discussed the relationship between energy consumption and cooling efficiency above. But the latter is also an issue for this topic. This is because one of the differentials (in addition to the purifying power) that exist between normal purifiers and filters is, precisely, the ability to cool the water. So, before purchasing your device, check what temperatures it reaches and if they meet your needs.

4) Reservoir capacity

A detail that few pay attention to is the capacity of the water reservoir. That’s because your device has the ability to cool the water, but it’s not immediate! The water that comes out of the pipes and enters your purifier is cooled and purified and then stored in the reservoir so that you can consume it whenever you need it. Purifiers with small reservoirs make you have to wait for the cooling and purification process if you have already consumed all the stored water. And, of course, we know that nobody likes to wait, right? Observe the capacities and compare them with what is necessary to fill a jar, for example.

5) Replacement filter price

When it comes to changing the filter, no one deserves to be scared by the component price. So, research the purifier models and also how much you will need to pay at the time of this exchange,  which is so important  and needs to be respected. Different brands practice different values ​​in the market. So it is very worthwhile to research and consider this detail before making the final decision.

Find out how much you can save with a water purifier

It may not seem like it, but we have a habit of consuming many things on  a daily basis . But we only realize the expense that most of them bring when we are faced with the situation of needing to reduce expenses. From lunch on the street to that little shop that was not so needed, there are several scenarios where the economy can be practiced.

In the case of purchases of the month, many families are in the habit of including the water they consume in the supermarket list. But is it really necessary? We know that consuming  quality water  is extremely important, but is it not possible to reduce expenses in this regard?

The good answer is that yes, it is perfectly possible! And for that, a water purifier is enough! See everything in this post!

Spending on 1.5 liter bottles

At the supermarket, there are options to  buy water in bottles  of different sizes. There are those who prefer smaller capacity bottles, on the grounds that they  always have fresh water . In the case of 1.5 liter bottles, the spending at the end of the month is significantly higher. Consider that a bottle costs R $ 4 and yours consumes at least 1 bottle of these per day – and this bill probably includes only the use of water in the diet, since it is recommended to ingest 2 liters of water per person daily. After 30 days, it is R $ 120 just with water intake. With that same money, it is possible to buy 40 kilos of rice (considering the 5kg package at R $ 15.00)!

Spending on 5-liter bottles

Those who prefer the 5 liter bottles save a little more, but the values ​​are also impressive. Considering that the 5 liter bottle costs R $ 10.00 and there is a consumption of 1 bottle every 5 days, at the end of the month there is an expense of R $ 60.00. For this amount, it is possible to buy 20kg of beans at R $ 3.00 a kilo.

Purifier economics

Those who choose to have a water purifier also opt for more savings and health. Contrary to popular belief, the equipment helps to dry the bills at the end of the month. Especially for those who are in the habit of buying water in supermarkets. Considering the value of the refill that a purifier uses to treat water and the amount that is spent to buy the same amount of water that the equipment purifies, the results are impressive.

Considering a purifier with the capacity to purify 5,000 liters with each filter change, if purchased at the supermarket, that same amount of water would cost R $ 10,000 (in 5-liter bottles costing R $ 10.00). Yes, buying 5,000 liters of water at the supermarket costs, on average, R $ 10,000. This value is much higher than the price of each refill. And it is also far beyond the price of the refill and the purifier itself combined! It is an economy that impresses!

Want a water purifier option?

What is the PA755 Latina Purifier?

The most complete of the line of refrigerated purifiers, the model PA755 has a reservoir of 2.1 liters of water. Cool the water to temperatures below 10ºC with its intelligent control. So, you have fresh water with a very low energy consumption.


Bacteriostatic system

The PA755 Purifier has an exclusive system of bacterial action composed of an activated carbon chamber with colloidal silver. This chamber performs the microbiological control of water and prevents the proliferation of bacteria and algae typical of environments with high humidity.


Proven efficiency

The purifier’s efficiency in purifying water and removing chlorine is more than proven. So, you are sure to drink 100% pure water and free from excess chlorine. Chlorine is a major enemy of human health, acting mainly on kidney, bladder and urine problems.


Natural addition of mineral salts

The Purifier Latina PA755 has a technology that naturally adds calcium, potassium, magnesium and silicon to the water. These are elements of great importance in the human body.


Preserving oral health

The water that the Purificador Latina PA755 offers is treated in order to preserve fluoride. This element is extremely important for oral health.


LCD panel

The Purifier has a technological LCD panel to further assist your day to day. Know exactly what the temperature of your chilled water is and also when it is time to change your filter!


PureBlue technology

With this technology, you are warned whenever filter changes are necessary. A message indicating the change will appear on your LCD panel when your filter is 12 months old or when you reach a consumption of 7,000 liters.

 In addition, the device also has 3 Soft Touch keys: for activating natural, chilled or mixed water! You can also fill jars and other larger containers easily. This is because the purifier has a mobile and directed spout, developed exactly for this type of use.

 Have you seen how the Purifier Latina PA755 is the most complete and efficient appliance in its category? It’s past time for you to pay more attention to the water you consume! Access  Clube do Lar , purchase your  Purifier  and guarantee more health, economy and care for you and your family


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