Health Care: These benefits of lemon will surprise you

Lemon is not only used for food and drink. There are also some tips that you can try and get rid of many health and beauty problems. Come, know 10 amazing home remedies for lemon –

Drinking lemon juice in pure honey eliminates obesity.


Taking 2 lemons removes dry disease.


Taking 3 lemon juice and honey one tola provides relief in asthma.


Migraine is cured by grinding 4 lemon peel on the forehead .


Sprinkle ground black pepper in 5 lemons and heat it and suck it a bit, it provides relief in malarial fever.

Taking salt mixed with 6 lemon juice improves skin color and enhances beauty.


Grind 7 salmon with lemon juice and apply it to cure ringworm.


Applying 8 lemon seeds on the forehead ends baldness.

9 If there is deafness , add cinnamon oil to lemon juice.


Drink lemon in 10 ½ cups of carrot juice, blood loss will be removed.


by Abdullah Sam
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