How to have a happy relationship: the secret unveiled in 14 tips

Is there a secret to having a happy relationship? When you think about that question, you usually think of tips on how to please your partner, new sexual positions, moments together … Is that so? Have you ever stopped to think that the key may lie in your own happiness? Did you know that happy people tend to have longer relationships? So, how to have a happy relationship?

hink of happy couples who have been together for a few years. Each has its own life and somehow manages to be happy even when they are away from each other. The truth is that when you’re okay with yourself, it reflects on other aspects of your life, including your love life. Your happiness plus other small attitudes is the secret of how to have a happy relationship. Want to know how to achieve that happiness? So come with me and I’ll explain.

In today’s text we will talk about:

  • The mistake we all make
  • A lesson I learned
  • Discovering how to be happy for two
  • Learning to be happier
  • Tips on how to have a happy relationship
  • The secret of how to have a happy relationship
  • How to turn around and be a happy and well-resolved woman

The mistake we all make

From an early age we were conditioned to think that the secret to our happiness depended on someone else. Who has never seen a Disney movie and dreamed of finding a prince charming? Even after we grow up, we still carry this romantic flame with us, this thought that we will only be truly happy when we meet someone else. This is the first mistake: placing our own happiness in the hands of someone else.

I have been through this and I know many other women who have also experienced it in their own relationships. We are so focused on being happy with our partners that we forget about our own individual happiness. When my first marriage started showing signs of wear and tear, I couldn’t understand what was wrong. Only after a long time did I realize that I thought about the happiness of my children, my husband and forgot about a very important person: myself.

A lesson I learned

After I broke up, I learned a great life lesson: you can’t really have a happy and fulfilling relationship with anyone until you have created a happy and fulfilling relationship with yourself. You need to learn to love yourself. You need to learn to take care of yourself. You need to learn to put your needs before you can really give love to others. I’m not here saying that you should be selfish and think only of yourself, but to start loving yourself a little bit more.

Discovering how to be happy for two

Over the years, I discovered something that seemed obvious, but that people take a while to understand. When we take care of ourselves, our stresses and fears, when we start paying attention to ourselves, we begin to understand how to have a happy relationship. Studies show that people who take care of themselves, who show self-interest, are happier. When you are happier, you become more attractive to others. People want to be with you.

In other words, you don’t wait for someone to be happy. You take care of yourself. With that, you will achieve emotional balance and happiness and will be whole in any relationship, allowing the other to be whole as well. You will be able to communicate, laugh, love and grow together with your partner.


Learning to be happier

It sounds easy, but sometimes we don’t even know how to start looking for our own happiness. In this case, traditional advice is really the most effective: sleep well, eat well and practice physical activities regularly. Yes, it all affects the way our body and mind feel and produces the main hormones of happiness: serotonin and dopamine. Even our memory and immune system are affected if we do not take care of these aspects properly. Here are some tips to be happier:

Have friends

Everyone knows that having friends makes us much happier. And that having time for our friends is essential to keep us happier in our routines, as being with them helps us better deal with the stress we face in our daily activities.

Have a hobby

Who has never entered a relationship and failed to do the activities they enjoyed? Everything starts to be done together with the partner. Don’t be like that. You need to find an individual hobby that truly makes you happy. Doing things that have the sole purpose of having fun is essential to our happiness.

Eat well

Eat foods that feed your mind and body to be healthy and strong. Foods high in fat and sugar can quench your anxiety initially, but they also cause inflammation, fatigue and more depression or anxiety. Food is neither reward nor punishment. It’s fuel.

Exercise and stay active

Physical activity also helps to keep your body fit and strong and keep stress hormones lower. Find an activity that you enjoy and that makes you feel good.

Calm your mind

The mind is a wonderful tool, but constant negative thinking can bring problems to your body and mind. You can choose from a variety of meditation practices or take a nature walk. Focusing on the beauty and wonder around you will get negative thoughts out of your mind.

Be positive

Be a positive woman . Eliminate your negative emotions before they gain a lot of momentum and cause inconvenience to you. It always means paying attention to how you feel.

Have a good time!

Wake up in the morning and choose to have a nice and adventurous day. Find ways to be more playful. Hang out with friends, sign up for a dance class, even if you have two left feet; then you can laugh at yourself or watch a funny movie. Discover new ways of being that put a smile on your face and a laugh in your heart.

Love and accept yourself totally

Most people seem to enter into a relationship with the intention of using their partner’s love to fill the void they feel within themselves. No amount of love from another person can make up for the lack of love you feel for yourself. Sooner or later, you will begin to blame your partner for not loving you enough.

how to have a happy relationship

Tips on how to have a happy relationship

After focusing on your mental health and your individual happiness, it’s time to think about the other. Relationships are beautiful, but they are complicated. It takes patience and work to find out how to have a happy relationship, that is, how to find happiness next to someone.

Don’t try to change your partner

Regardless of what you do, you cannot change your partner. Thinking about it allows you to focus on what can really be changed and things that can be improved.

Give “value” to things that happen in your relationships

We tend to take more into account what the other person does wrong than what he does correctly and, knowing this, we can start to change the way we evaluate situations. It is also important to never think that our relationship with the other person is guaranteed and that he will be there forever. We need to appreciate the other and the things he has done for us, as well as frequently examining the way we deal with our partners.

Fight for the relationship

All couples have bad times, arguments, anger. But those who discover how to have a happy relationship are those who, when a problem arises, are not limited to insulting and remembering other failures. Even in the midst of anger, they know how to take a break from fighting, sit down and resolve the situation.

Know how to forgive

As I just said, grudge is a terrible companion. I am not telling you to never argue, this is impossible, but to discuss what is due and in the right way. You have to discuss what matters, and once you solve the problem, leave it in the past.

Realistic expectations

The first stage of love is where we idealize the relationship, in which real madness is done and we feel like a real cloud of happiness. However, once that period passes, we must shape our life around a more sincere and less fanciful relationship, with bad days. It is essential to know how to bridge this gap between daydreaming and reality. With real expectations, it will be more to be happy with the person we choose.

The little things

Many of the broken relationships always talk about the last straw, which is why it is important to give relevance to the little things and details of everyday life, which can be added to make our relationship happier. Say “I love you” more often and always demonstrate how you feel through little things.


The secret of how to have a happy relationship

Did you notice that all the tips I gave on how to have a happy relationship start with yourself? This is the big secret: love yourself and then you will know how to love your neighbor. You need to believe in your own ability to create, joy, comfort and love.

You need to do what you need to feel alive, vibrant and healthy in the most positive ways and to escape negative feelings of any kind (such as guilt, shame, anger or remorse). In other words, do things for yourself that make you feel good. When you feel good, you start to understand your partner better and avoid bad feelings that ruin the relationship. This is the basis for a happy relationship.

How to turn around and be a happy and well-resolved woman

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