Happy couples don’t share their relationships on social media

Today I’m going out to dinner with the love of my life! I’m so in love! We are the ideal couple! I love you, kitten! Thank you love, for the flowers! More than two continuous years of love events, is what some dear friends used to post on social networks. It seems that everything was flowers, they had a very active love life, it even caused a certain envy.

All the friends they had on social networks knew their love relationship in detail, because each time they met, they published more than four or five photographs daily or if they spoke on the networks.

There was no privacy between them; apparently, everything they did posted on Facebook or Instagram. Until one day we all witnessed their separation caused by misunderstandings, infidelities and lies.

What do the experts say?

A survey said that people who increase the visibility of their relationships across networks do this because they feel insecure with the feelings of your partner. The Facebook profiles of each one were analyzed, taking into account the amount of time they spent on the networks and the amount of publications that each shared about the relationship.

In conclusion, when one of the partners felt romantically insecure, he or she shared more status, photos or publications; in fact, many couples used Facebook to monitor their partners’ activities and ensure their relationship was okay.

Experts call this type of behavior a “contingent self-esteem relationship”, which is when the couple feels the need to show others, their partners and perhaps themselves, that their relationship is going very well.

Happy couples don’t have to show their lives

For the following reasons:

1 Are satisfied with each other

When your partner satisfies you emotionally, it is unlikely to post the entire sentimental life on social networks, since love is lived and not shared. Both know perfectly well that they will be there when necessary, that they have mutual support, guidance and motivation, as well as good communication.

Perhaps they can send one or the other photograph, since the world of technology requires us to have a public recognition to have a sense of identity and belonging. However, happy couples avoid covering their social networks with excessive publications.

2 Enjoy each other’s company

Happy couples often provide quality time when they are together. By this I mean that there is no time to be on social media, because they are focused on living and enjoying each other’s company. They care about having meaningful experiences and showing their love, instead of sharing it on networks.

They know that a personal conversation, a hug or a kiss, is much more meaningful to your relationship than pretending or posing in a photograph to post on the networks.

3 They are safe

They don’t need to convince others that their relationship is okay, on the contrary, they feel secure in their love. Trust is what they have built throughout their lives and they fear fracturing it by gossip, misunderstanding or envy of others.

They are not afraid to share their passwords with their partners, leaving their applications open on their social networks. As the popular saying goes, “Who should not, do not fear”.

4 Resolve your conflicts personally

There is nothing more ridiculous than seeing a couple arguing on social media. Therefore, happy couples know that the only way to resolve their conflicts is in person. Because in doing so, one can argue or express the annoyances, frustrations and anger.

For them, the most important thing is privacy and they do not need external opinions, since in many cases a bad comment can damage the relationship.

5 Reviews

Some people are very vulnerable, to the point of misinterpreting a good or bad comment, which often causes their self-esteem to be affected. When we publish on social media we are exposed to these criticisms; therefore, happy couples avoid posting any comments for the sake of their relationship.

6 Praise

It is wonderful that the couple has a healthy habit of praising their loved one, however, when doing so on social networks the only thing they reflect is insecurity, as they seek “likes” for their publication.

Therefore, happy couples prefer to praise each other in private, as they do not need the opinion of others. As my grandmother used to say, “I don’t like to argue”, which means that you can like someone and the other person cannot.

7 Goals

Most couples have dreams, goals and objectives that they want to achieve together. When a couple is happy, they avoid publishing those dreams and desires, because they can often be envied or prevented by people with bad intentions.

For this reason, they are cautious, avoiding talking or publishing others, because their goals nobody has to know them more than both.

8 Intimate relationships

There are many people who like to post things about their intimate relationships with their partner, to seek comments or clarify doubts. When the couple is totally happy, they will never publish intimate or personal things, since they know that the most valuable thing they have is complicity.

Currently, it is almost impossible not to use social networks, but for our safety, it is essential to learn how to use them correctly. We often expose our personal lives when we trust too much or out of recklessness, as there are people who only seek to harm and do evil (this is a reality).

Remember that if you are happy with your partner, it is not necessary to expose your love to the world on social networks, better to enjoy each moment in a personal way and convert your relationship into meaningful moments . Ultimately, the only important opinion is that of your loved one.

by Abdullah Sam
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