How To Be Happy As A Couple Even From A Distance?

Is it possible to be truly happy as a couple even when the distance between you  ? How to maintain love and make the most of each moment that you have together? How to keep a strong couple despite the difficulties of everyday life  ?

Before starting this article, I wanted to thank Guillaume for welcoming me to his excellent website. I know how the distance can be a daily difficulty for your relationship but also that it makes your story so unique and fusing.

For all the people who do not know me yet, my name is Alexandre CORMONT and I exercise the formidable profession of coach in love specialized also to fight the emotional dependence . I have met many women but also men who wanted to keep the flame alive during a long-distance relationship. I am very often asked ”  how to keep love when we are at a distance?”  “.

I realize that it is even a problem that comes up more and more frequently as we can now easily travel and fall in love with another culture or a foreign person.

The long-distance relationship is a mixture of happiness, excitement but also fear and apprehension. Sometimes a source of extreme well-being and other times more difficult to live with, you have to face new emotions that disturb you and above all you are ready to invest yourself and to pay attention to this story and this nobody especially not to lose it.

In this article, I have a positive message to send you: it is possible to be happy as a couple even from a distance, and I would even say VERY happy …

Simply, you will have to respect a few principles, accept the fact that your story is unique and above all not hesitate to let the positive take precedence over the small daily problems.

If you have any questions following your reading, do not hesitate to ask them in the comments, I will answer you with pleasure. Same if you have points to add or ideas to share with the community, let go J!


Long distance relationship and personal happiness!

The first rule that I wanted to share with you to be happy as a couple comes from my experience as a coach. In reality, it is for everyone, whether you are remote or not.

For a couple to be lasting and fulfilling, it is important that you seek to enjoy each moment spent together, but also that you do not hesitate to maintain your personal life .

It is not because you do not have the opportunity to live with your partner or to see him / her regularly that you have to suffer to the point of abandoning your passions, your professional desires, your loved ones or even your daily life. Likewise, you will absolutely have to adapt the communication of the couple to avoid being too connected to each other to the point of simply “discussing” and ultimately losing the real bond in love.

Far be it from me to ask you a great distance but I just want to open your eyes to the fact that you should neither take your partner for granted nor start to forget yourself by leaving your life behind .

It is a very easy way to get more happiness and to avoid falling into emotional dependence where love for your partner is your only source of well-being .

Being happy on a daily basis is an excellent way to keep the flame alive, to keep a strong bond in your relationship and to always represent a positive image in the eyes of your partner.

Be happy every day by putting the negative aside …

Most of the people around you won’t necessarily understand your attachment to a complex relationship and to someone who is not close to you. Very often, this behavior starts with a good intention because your loved ones do not want to see you in pain. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to find the support you need or at least the support you are looking for in their attitude.

That is why it is very important to be able to balance your personal life with your passions, work, friends, family so as not to be addicted to others and to communicate with your loved ones only on the positive points of your history.

I encourage you to “protect” your story to prevent disputes or small conflicts from becoming too large. As you are at a distance, the fact of staying “angry” too long or quite simply of not having a nice bond can destroy the love that exists between you two.

So to be REALLY happy together even over a long distance, I encourage you to follow one rule: zero conflict, zero argument, zero reproach. Of course, if you don’t like something, you can talk about it, but the objective is to avoid the great couple crisis because it will be more difficult for you to relaunch your story because of the distance and the lack of face to face.

You will surely have understood it, it is important in these conditions to relativize certain behaviors or attitudes on the part of your partner to create a positive atmosphere, healthy communication and above all to prevent the little things of everyday life from altering your beautiful love.

How to keep the flame alive and fight against lack?

I accompany couples at a distance on a daily basis where one of the two partners has difficulty supporting the lack of the other. Under these conditions, it is important that this person refocus on him / her, as we saw in the previous paragraph.

The problem you may be faced with is the question of the future . You will hardly be able to build a relationship by being long-term at a distance and that is why you must consider the future with a real desire to get closer .

In addition to this new dynamic, you will have to seek to focus on your reunion by creating moments that are always more magical (and therefore new) than each other. Do not hesitate to seek to innovate to avoid falling into the routine of distant couples, namely locking themselves between four walls to make up for lost time.

The lack of the other is natural and to fight it it is essential to focus on the maintenance of the flame in the couple . If you have any ideas, feel free to share them in the comments. I sometimes impose on my coachees the fact of proposing reunions in a different city (or a different place) at each meeting to continue to seduce each other and to enjoy everyday life even during their reunion.

Distance can help you be doubly happy!

As strange as it may seem, I have noticed in my personal experiences but also in coaching that sometimes the distance makes it possible to be even happier, for a while because I realize that it cannot necessarily be an end.

By that I mean that a great evil in our current society is the fear of commitment and the loss of independence .

The distance allows you to create a story while keeping all your desires on your side. This is why you can be doubly happier today than in the past. Not only are you going to have a superb love story in which you fully develop and where each moment spent together is 110% lived. Then alongside this great experience, you will also be able to follow your dreams, accomplish yourself in your professional life, maintain a balance with your passions and those close to you.

To get there, your biggest challenge will be to become “the best possible person” in every branch of your life. You will need to focus fully to be a good partner at a distance but also when face to face by focusing your thoughts only on your partner (and leaving your phone or your professional worries aside!).

In this way, you will have many chances to be able to balance your lives and especially to take control of your emotions so as not to see distance as a problem but rather as a real opportunity to increase your happiness!

Now it’s up to you to take action and honor your relationship by creating moments of magic. Do not repeat to yourself “It’s hard” or “I miss him / her too much” because unfortunately you will send a negative signal to your brain. The situation is not easy but you can now be doubly happy in your daily life and that is what matters most.


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