Happiness: increases if you play sports constantly

To be happy, just do some sport. The merit is always of the endorphins which, if stimulated, give rise to authentic feelings of well-being. But how much physical activity needs to be done to really feel good about yourself?

If on the one hand the “too much sport” can be harmful and, on the other hand, an excessive sedentary lifestyle is dangerous for health, a middle way to feel good and also be happy would depend not so much on the time dedicated to sport as on constancy, as well as age.

The researchers of the University of Michigan said that they published a research in the Journal of Happiness Study analyzing 23 already existing studies based on a high amount of data and a wide range of samples from various countries.

The results showed that the chances of being happy are 52% higher among those who are very active and they decrease to almost 30% for those who are less active , decreasing more and more with increasing sedentary lifestyle. Nothing changes depending on the sport, what is needed are only regularity and constancy to stimulate the production of endorphins and serotonin in the brain.

In any case, even moderate activity makes the difference: not only is it good for the heart but, if you are elderly, 10 minutes of physical activity in a week would be enough to improve your mood. According to the research, moreover, if those who have survived cancer also dedicate themselves for a short time to aerobic activity and stretching, it regains health and good mood.

Finally, an element not to be forgotten is also the weight : the survey data also shows that, compared to young people who do not exercise, those who do it once a week have a 1.4 times higher probability of be happy if I am normal weight and 1.5 times if I am overweight.

Exaggerating instead does not lead to any result: according to scholars, it is useful not to exceed the maximum threshold of 15/300 minutes of weekly exercise, beyond which no significant incidences have been recorded in terms of mood improvement.Work out the right, therefore, without scrambling and without exaggerating. A few minutes of running, not necessarily in the gym, will be enough to look at life in a decidedly more rosy way!

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