What Happens When a Parent Who Is Divorcing Says Bad Words to the Other in front of his Children?

Marriage is a contract between two people that can be terminated simply by divorce at the time they choose, unless there are children involved. Children who have been involved in a divorce result in the courts reasonably proceeding cautiously and worrying about their minds and their hearts. Accordingly, when one spouse addresses the other in bad words in front of the children, the legal system will intervene to prevent this from happening again.

Dirty Tactics

Parents, previously concerned about the well-being of their children, during divorce, may suddenly lose all concern about the effect of their actions on them. Although there are many low and dirty tactics that are used in custody disputes, one of the most frequently used is the one that invokes that a parent has been making derogatory allusions about the other parent, the children. These allusions can create uncomfortable situations that negatively affect a child, including: anger towards one of the parents or both, belief in false information, not wanting to remain with a parent or not feeling comfortable with a parent.

The argument of bad words is often used as a tactic to not only hurt the other parent, but also to tip someone in their path. If a child hears negative expressions about a parent, he will no longer want to visit him or may wish to live primarily with the other parent. It can also happen because a parent may feel that they no longer have control of the situation regarding their children and that the only thing they can control is what they are told.

Legal Response – Plans for Parents

Knowing that many healthy and normally rational adults can suddenly become irrational and foolish during a divorce and a custody dispute, most courts use preventive actions when dealing with children. Often, a judge will require parents to develop a plan together. A parent’s plan may involve anything that is relevant to dealing with the children, including arrangements for their stay at one or the other’s home, visits and, especially important, the resolution of disputes. Consequently, when the parents disagree, they must first consult the parents’ plan to determine how to resolve the dispute.

Avoiding the Bad Words

There are many benefits to establishing an early parent plan in the process:

• Ensures that both parents are involved in the child’s development
• It causes parents to jointly determine what is most important
• You can establish a system to resolve disputes preventing the legal system from getting involved
• It puts children first and even more important

Generally, when a divorce action begins, the parents are not allowed to speak disparagingly of the other to the children, although for many reasons previously discussed, it can still occur. A parent’s plan can prevent bad words and also vanish an existing negative situation. It will give both parents an opportunity to discuss what is important to them and their children. Also, by providing an opportunity to reach an agreement about these aspects, the anger caused by bad words among parents can fade away, thus providing a way out for discussion and resolution rather than disagreement.

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