What happens if I am injured at work, but I am not legally there?

If you are injured at work and are there illegally, you may think that you will not receive any benefit from your employer. However, you may be entitled to medical treatment from your employer and company insurance in accordance with workers’ compensation laws; even if you do not have documentation required to live legally in the United States. State laws vary as to whether illegal aliens are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits and the courts have not made decisions in some cases. However, some benefits may be limited by certain federal laws. Although the issue of eligibility may not be very simple, it is clear that many, Many undocumented workers have been considered eligible to receive benefits. Illegal foreigners may still be eligible for other kinds of benefits while recovering from a work-related injury, such as disability benefits. The key is this: if you have been injured at work and are currently living there legally, you will probably find it helpful to seek the advice of a lawyer experienced in the Workers Compensation laws.

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