Handshake is the way people know

After a long time, meeting hands or exchanging greetings with two hands in a courtesy meeting is called a handshake. This is a common physical gesture. It is easy to understand what a person is like from this physical gesture. Here is how people recognize the type of handshake.

Kip back handshake

There are some people who extend their hands remotely to shake hands and use their legs to keep body balance. This type of handshake is called Kipback handshake. Those who do this kind of handshake usually do not allow anyone to enter their personal range.

Hand hug

The hand hug is the one that holds the other’s hands together. If someone rubs your hands with such hands, then you should understand that the person is friendly and friendly. Moreover, such a handshake has to be understood as a man who is trustworthy, trustworthy and passionate.

Dominator handshake

Handshaking or raising a hand is usually called a Dominator Handshake. If someone overturns your outstretched hand and places his hand on your open cheat, you will realize that he loves to impose his authority on others.

Cold and emotionless handshake

After a handshake, if a person’s hands become cold and sweat, he is considered as a cold and emotionless handshake. If a person’s hands become cold and sweaty after a handshake with you, then he or she will know that he is weak character. Moreover, his nervousness is also revealed through this.

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Crusher Handshake

This type of handshake is called a defect handshake when you hold the other’s hand tight for a handshake and feel pain after releasing it. Those who do such a handshake usually want to express themselves as believers. This type of handshake carries with it the identity of the person’s aggressive attitude.

Queens Fingertips Handshake

Women usually do this kind of handshake. This handshake is done with the fingers only. Usually this handshake is done to keep distance with the new person. Many again do this kind of handshake to maintain their supremacy over new people.

Ideal handshake

This is the ideal handshake if two hands are stretched long, two fingers hugging each other and two hands hold in place while handshake is done

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