Halo Infinite will have sound effects recorded on the first Xbox

The development of Halo Infinite is full of curiosities, especially in the creation of the sound effects : 343 Industries has found very particular ways of recording these effects, such as using the grunts of Gyoza, a pug breed dog , like sounds of enemy aliens or car engine for science fiction game vehicles.

Today The Verge’s Tom Warren shared on his personal Twitter account another curious method that the creators of the game are using for the Halo Infinite sound effects : record the internal sounds of the original Xbox . In the tweet inserted below these lines you can see a video that shows developers from 343 Industries recording an Xbox while turning on and loading a game to use its noise as game sound effects.


Xbox electromagnetic fields as alien sounds from Halo Infinite

In reality, what the equipment does is capture the sound generated by the electromagnetic fields of the console when carrying out all these actions. And not only are the original Xbox starring in these effects, they ‘ve also recorded the sounds of Xbox One turning on, opening the disc compartment, and reading a game’s blu-ray. In the video published by Tom Warren you can see the ‘raw’ sound effect , without post-production , and the truth is that it throws a Martian effect that can fit Halo Infinite very well . This is not the only peculiar sound they have captured for the game, and here you can see how they recorded sounds from a car :

From Halo Infinite we know that it continues despite the coronavirus , although it does not escape some difficulties of working remotely . Its release is still scheduled for 2020 to coincide with the premiere of Xbox Series X and will also be released on Xbox One and PC; Of course, Phil Spencer said that the next-gen console will go on sale at the end of the year even if the development of Halo Infinite is delayed .


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