Habits that make you lose sales

During our development, we cultivate manias.

It is impossible not to have habits. Your routine and the way you deal with it are just habits acquired over time.

Habit is a tool that our brain uses to remind us of what to do and how to do it, for example, when we are tired and need to relax . However, we often reach a point where habits start to be harmful in our work environment.

It is common to show signs of tiredness after a massive meeting or negotiation.

But a run to the nearest market, check personal messages every 5 minutes and etc; These are habits that can be controlled and optimized to generate a better income.

But like all behavior that we have previously stored in our memory, the habit, it is difficult to be extinguished and perceived . So, keeping in mind the need to break this barrier, you should be aware that it will be a painful adaptation.

Always try to think of your to-do list and stick to it . Creating daily goals can help you stay on track, not to mention it’s a great organizational exercise.

And do not despair if you do not succeed at first, the external factors will continue to interfere, you must learn to deal with them.

Do not accumulate tasks, they say that who wants a lot has nothing.

The accumulation of functions is often seen as a positive quality , but if you are overloaded with tasks in a short time, it will not allow your work to have the desired quality.

Not to mention that sometimes it will be incomplete and the next day, it will become one more item on your list.

Choose the more projects you want to do well. Confirm that they fit with your availability, as a quality project is worth a lot more than a hundred unfinished.

Another strategy is to stop thinking about the future and focus on the present.

Don’t wait until later what you can do now.

Procrastination is one of the many habits present in today’s society, the possibility of leaving aside tasks that can be done at the moment , should be excluded from the agenda the moment it crosses your mind.

Write everything down as soon as possible, your mind can and will betray you , after all this is another habit that she has.

But without a doubt the most difficult thing is to stay away from technology. By releasing endorphins and causing instant pleasure , technology is a great ally in the processes within the company, but it is necessary to understand that the use of an abusive personal stamp can harm your daily income.

Everything is in the networks today, we live in it, and sometimes we even work with them. Except if a line is drawn between personal and professional life , its use will become increasingly greater, and because it causes instant pleasure, your brain will be trained to turn on the procrastination button .

Accepting and wanting to change is the starting point for breaking habits.

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