Neurorehabilitation is a clinical process focused on restoring, minimizing and / or compensating for functional and / or cognitive alterations that appear after an injury to the nervous system. They are highly complex interventions given the intrinsic difficulty in the clinical management of the nervous system. And that’s why the Guttman neuropsychological rehabilitation projects stand out , an institution specialized in developing a non-invasive methodology.

In its dynamic of constant research, the latest innovation in Guttman neuropsychological rehabilitation is the application of ICTs to neuropsychological rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation.


The objectives of the ICT application program for neuropsychological rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation are:

  • The application of information and communication society technologies to develop a computerized neuropsychological rehabilitation platform, applicable through telemedicine systems.
  • Give an innovative response to a real need, cognitive alterations derived from acquired brain damage, at a cost bearable for users and society in general.
  • Generate the knowledge necessary to study the effectiveness of neuropsychological rehabilitation from the identification of the most appropriate therapeutic strategies for each patient.


In the application of information society technologies to neuropsychological rehabilitation Guttman has the following projects underway:

  • Neurocontent 2.0, “Open environment for the generation and commercialization of therapeutic contents for the improvement and increase of cognitive tele-rehabilitation processes – Implementation in acquired brain damage, mental health and outgoing ICU-UVI patients”. It is a research, development and innovation project, oriented towards the creation of a technological and business environment for the generalization of a Cognitive Tele-Rehabilitation System towards broad groups, democratizing the generation of virtual therapeutic contents and providing new service models that help the improvement of pathologies in a large spectrum patients.
  • Neurolingua, “Platform for stimulation and rehabilitation of language disorders based on foundations of cognitive neuroscience.” It is a project oriented to the development of tasks of stimulation and rehabilitation of the alterations of the language based on foundations of cognitive neuroscience.
  • It is the first project to apply ICT’s to the Guttman neuropsychological rehabilitation. It consists of a system that establishes a new modality of providing neuropsychological rehabilitation services in cognitive impairment associated with pathologies such as dementia, aging, mental health and alterations in the different disorders of childhood development in an intensive, personalized and monitored, as well as the generation of knowledge, with a sustainable expense for the different social agents involved.
  • Cognitio, “Multiparameter image analysis, clinical and therapy for optimization of cognitive rehabilitation in ACD”. This project coordinates a multidisciplinary strategic alliance to address an unsolved scientific and technological problem today. From the confluence of neuroscience, biomedical engineering, medical imaging and knowledge engineering, it is intended to advance in the investigation of technologies and solutions that help in the extraction and formalization of knowledge about the pathophysiology of cognitive rehabilitation, to give solution to a major problem of magnitude at the medical, economic and social level.


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