Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2: boss guide

How to kill all bosses in Guns, Gore & Cannoli 2

How to destroy a submarine

This is your first boss. Collect weapons and start destroying weapons on the submarine. There are three guns in total – as soon as they are destroyed, the submarine will sink.

The left lower gun fires heavy projectiles flying in an arc (hide from them under the wooden bridge), the upper weapon is a machine gun, the lower right weapon is a flamethrower (also use the bridge when the flamethrower shoots from top to bottom (and the submarine moves from side to side), or jump to the upper and lower levels of the bridge if the flamethrower is shooting horizontally.

Focus on the lower left weapon. Destroy it as soon as possible, because the longer the battle drags on, the higher the likelihood that you will be fired upon from all guns. Next, destroy the flamethrower, and then deal with the machine gun, from the shells of which it is not so difficult to dodge.

How to kill a German commander in chief

As soon as the battle begins, try to kill all ordinary fascists as quickly as possible. Push them into the fire pit at the bottom right. Collect ammo and get ready for a tough battle. Attack the booth in which the commander-in-chief sat down. To dodge machine gun shots, use the top of the wood flooring. Hide under it from the shells falling from above.

Finally, yellow homing torpedoes can be destroyed with any weapon, but with the same roof you can dodge them – when they hit it, the shells explode.

After the commander-in-chief has a third of HP, he will hide, and the Fritzes will come out of the windows – kill them as soon as possible, since the rocket launchers they use are very dangerous. They will reappear after two Fritz with shields, which I would recommend pushing into the fire.

And then it remains to finish off the commander-in-chief in the same way as they acted before.

How to destroy a tank

The tank will shoot at you in the same way as the guns did on the coast of Normandy. Proceed in the same way – jump in time. Attack not the tank itself, but exclusively Joe, looking out of the top hatch. As soon as you deal with him, Joe will hide in the hatch, and the tank itself will remain invulnerable. Crates fall from above – break them to collect ammunition.

In the second stage (when Joe hid inside the tank) wait until the wall on the left is destroyed. Go through it, load a combat shell into the cannon and shoot at the tank. This will need to be done a few more times, but where to look for the shells? And they fall out of boxes, descending on parachutes from above. But shells are not in all boxes, please be patient. In addition, do not delay their destruction – if the tank passes through the shells, it will disappear.

Joe will also launch a Molotov cocktail into the bunker where the weapon is located. Act quickly – leave immediately after firing.

At the third stage, you will need to directly attack the tank, which will shoot at you from its main gun, try to crush and occasionally throw fire napalm.

How to kill the Dark Don and his plate

Finally, it remains for you to defeat the Dark Don himself, who will be an old acquaintance from the first part.

On an easy level of difficulty, the platform will be solid, with only rotating blades on the sides. As the difficulty increases, screws will appear in the two hatches on the platform, which will have to be jumped over.

First, destroy the blades by attacking any of them (top or bottom). When the blades begin to move in a zigzag manner, then pick up the moment to slip under them or jump over (the latter is more difficult).

After destroying the blade, shoot the machine gun in the center, moving from left to right and from right to left and avoiding the fire flame. It is very easy to dodge machine gun shots. When the machine gun is hiding, then destroy the homing missiles. Having dealt with the machine gun, shoot at the turbines that start up fire, not forgetting about the missiles.

When they are destroyed, the second stage of the battle will begin (by the way, now if Willie dies, you will start from this stage). Shoot the boss on a flying platform with a machine gun. Dodge machine gun shots, which is easy enough to do. When he tries to set you on fire, then move to the opposite edge – the flame will not reach there!

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