Guide;Subway tunnels and clock square in Resident Evil 3

We tell you how to survive in the Metro Tunnels and Clock Square in Resident Evil 3 Remake. With our help and a little luck, you can survive the zombie apocalypse.After Carlos has not been very successful at the police station , we return to Jill, who is still alive after the incident on the subway. He has to escape the tunnels , more than possibly with a gigantic thing and with more teeth than a garlic truck on his back.

Find a way to get back to the surface

Go the only way possible to the first safe room. You will find two Mine Packs , a First Aid Spray and the UBCS New Weaponry Guide document. Take out the grenade launcher and load it with the mines before continuing. If you’ve followed the guide this far, you should have at least 5-7 explosive grenades and 2 fire grenades . Get everything out of the trunk and all the pistol ammo you have, plus the knife . We also recommend that you do a manual save . In the corridor several zombies will rise. Option A: drop a mine to the center of them and bang: three against one, shit for each one. TheOption B is to run and dodge everyone before they get up.

Keep in mind that in the second cell to the right there will be a Mr. Charlie . If you shoot a mine into the center of the corridor, you will most likely explode it without even knowing it, which happened to us.


Going up the stairs, another three zombies will appear . The area is not for flourishes or feints, use another mine to kill all three and then go up the stairs. Yes, it is possible to dodge them with some skill , you can try if you want and save the two mines. It’s just that we didn’t want to give advice that not everyone will be able to follow.

Escape from the creature

You will see that you are now in the Clock Square . Approach the railing and grab the Pistol Ammo on the first bench, and the Clock Tower Brochure on another. A little further on, next to the statues, you will see a Green Grass . Turn left as you pass the green van and you will find a Mr. Charlie .

Behind you will see a police car. Next to it is a box with a Red Grass . Now there is no choice but to cross the bridge, which for whatever reason, does not seem like the smartest idea in the world. You will see a sequence when doing it. Obviously, RUN .

Defeat the creature

Well, well, the bloody Abe Sapiens nightmare version, hoyga. First of all, collect the objects in the area. There are two Green Grass and then lots of ammunition throughout the area . You can get more if you make it hit the police cars . In fact, you should. It is important that you do not waste the mines during the first phase of combat. There are enough explosive and fiery grenades to make it fall, leave the mines as a last resort. The important thing in this combat is to manage the ammunition and not attack when it does not touch .

At first, while making him hit the cars, you can dodge his punches simply by running, save for one: when you see him charging at you, you must dodge at the last moment with the roll button . Don’t worry, it’s very easy to differentiate his normal run from the charged attack. Try to use the gun for now, or better yet, the knife . When you do a certain amount of damage to him and some time has passed, he will roar and start running around the edge of the stage. Don’t try to lay mines in its path . What you have to do is wait for it to stop and shoot a mine at it. The mine goes in a straight line, it doesn’t fall, so you can’t miss, and it stays put for several seconds before jumping up to you. It will give a good slap and you can shoot the heart until it recovers (it gets up when you do a certain amount of damage, or a few seconds pass). Be careful because now he has a jump attack from the ground with which he can reach you.

Don’t attack him anymore while he’s on the ground . Take advantage of all the mines to knock him off the walls and attack the heart. If you run out of mines, drop the other type of grenades. When it hits the ground and roars again, don’t worry too much . The combat remains the same, with the exception that now you should be careful to dodge and not just run on the ground, because it can give you a quick blow that will reach you even if you run, if you are not far enough.

If you run out of grenades you’re screwed . In fact, in our first confrontation, we had to finish him off using the knife (on the ground you can hurt him, but it will be less than if you hit him in the heart). Use the manual save that we recommended you do just now if you need to remove the shotgun from the trunk.

When you manage to save your skin, go through the tunnel to see a sequence. It is time to visit the Hospital .

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