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These are all the details you need to know about the Sorceress class in Diablo 2 Resurrected. Find out what their attributes are, their skill branches, weapons, build and much more.


  1. How to play with Sorceress? Helpful tips
  2. Sorceress attributes
  3. Fire Magic
  4. Lightning Magic
  5. Cold Magic
  6. Best build for Sorceress

The Sorceress is one of 7 playable classes available to start a game in Diablo 2: Resurrected . This type of character masters elemental magic (fire, lightning, and ice). Next, in this post, you will be able to know its details in depth ; its attributes, abilities and what is the best build that we recommend for this class.

How to play with Sorceress? Helpful tips


The Sorceress is the type of character that most depends on the branch of skills that we are getting. You can access various trees that allow you to learn elemental spells based on ice, fire, and lightning .

The Enchantress’s stat distribution focuses primarily on Energy as the primary casting damage attribute (allowing her to stay in combat longer). The secondary attributes to consider are Strength and Vitality .

As for weapons, you must select an energy-based weapon , especially those that restore mana regeneration , as they are the most useful for this class.

Sorceress Attributes

The initial attributes with which the Sorceress starts from scratch are these:

  • Strength:10
  • Dexterity:25
  • Vitality:10
  • Energy:35
  • Hit Points:40
  • Stamina:74
  • Mana:35

Leveling up

With each new character level you raise, the Sorceress will gain the following attribute points:

  • Health:+2 upgrade.
  • Stamina:improves by +1.
  • Mana:+2 buff.

Attribute progression

Attribute progression with each Sorceress effect point is as follows:

  • 1 point of vitality:grants +3 points of life.
  • 1 Vitality Point:Grants +1 Stamina.
  • 1 energy point:grants +1.5 mana.

Fire magic

The Fire Magic skill branch focuses on firepower, especially ranged damage (but also melee with skills like “Enchanting”).

Firebolt (Level 1)

  • Effect:Create a magical flaming missile.

Heat (Level 1)

  • Effect:Increases the speed at which you recover mana.

Hell (Level 6)

  • Effect:Create a continuous stream of flames to set your enemies ablaze.
  • Prerequisites:

Flare (Level 12)

  • Effect:Create a wall of fire around you to burn enemies.
  • Prerequisites:

Fireball (Level 12)

  • Effect:Create an explosive sphere of abrasion death that surrounds your enemies.
  • Prerequisites:

Wall of Fire (Level 18)

  • Effect:Creates a wall of flame that blocks and burns your enemies (1.4 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Hell, Flare.

Enchanting (Level 18)

  • Effect:Conjures short- and long-range weapons with fire.
  • Prerequisites:Firebolt, Heat, Fireball.

Meteor (Level 24)

  • Effect:Summons a Meteor from the skies that crushes and incinerates your enemies (1.2 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Firebolt, Hell, Flare, Wall of Fire, Ball of Fire.

Mastery of Fire (Level 30)

  • Effect:Increases all damage done by your fire attacks.

Hydra (Level 30)

  • Effect:Summons a multi-headed fire beast (2 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Firebolt, Heat, Fireball, Enchantment.

Lightning Magic

The Lightning Magic skill branch focuses on lightning power, in this case solely dedicated to ranged combat (there are no skills related to melee or melee in this branch).

Charged Bolt (Level 1)

  • Effect:Creates many bolts of electrical energy, directed at random.

Telekinesis (Level 6)

  • Effect:Use the power of the mind to pick up items, use items, and knock down enemies.

Static Field (Level 6)

  • Effect:Creates an electric field that reduces the life of all nearby enemies.

Lightning (Level 12)

  • Effect:Create a powerful fiery arrow that shatters your enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Charged Bolt.

Nova (Level 12)

  • Effect:Creates a ring of lightning that strikes nearby enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Static Field.

Chain Lightning (Level 18)

  • Effect:Creates a series of lightning bolts that arcs through various targets.
  • Prerequisites:Charged Bolt, Lightning Bolt.

Teleporter (Level 18)

  • Effect:Advance to their destination immediately within your line of sight.
  • Prerequisites:

Thunder Storm (Level 24)

  • Effect:Summons a deadly storm that strikes your enemies with lightning bolts.
  • Prerequisites:Charged Bolt, Static Field, Lightning, Nova, Chain Lightning.

Energy Shield (Level 24)

  • Effect:Creates a magic shield that consumes mana instead of health when you have been wounded.
  • Prerequisites:Charged Bolt, Telekinesis, Lightning, Teleporter, Chain Lightning.

Lightning Mastery (Level 30)

  • Effect:Increases all damage done by your lightning spells.

Cold Magic

The Cold Magic skill branch focuses on the power of cold, so some skills improve shield defense and others allow us to freeze enemies for certain periods of time.

Ice Bolt (Level 1)

  • Effect:Creates a magical beam of ice that wounds and slows the enemy.

Frost Armor (Level 1)

  • Effect:Increase defense score and freeze enemies that hit you.

Frost Nova (Level 6)

  • Effect:Creates an expanding ring of ice that wounds and slows all nearby enemies.

Ice Blast (Level 6)

  • Effect:Creates a magical sphere of ice that wounds and freezes enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Ice Bolt.

Frost Armor (Level 12)

  • Effect:Increase defense rating. Freezes and wounds enemies it hits.
  • Prerequisites:Icy Armor, Ice Bolt, Ice Blast.

Glacial Point (Level 18)

  • Effect:Create a magical ice comet that freezes or kills nearby enemies.
  • Prerequisites:Ice Bolt, Ice Burst.

Blizzard (Level 24)

  • Effect:Summons Ice Shards to destroy your enemies (1.8 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Ice Bolt, Ice Burst, Frost Nova, Glacial Point.

Glacial Armor (Level 24)

  • Effect:Increase defense and fire a bolt of ice in retaliation against ranged attackers.
  • Prerequisites:Icy Armor, Icy Bolt, Icy Blast, Icy Armor.

Frost Orb (Level 30)

  • Effect:Creates a magic balloon that sprays a torrent of ice beams to destroy the enemy (1 second delay).
  • Prerequisites:Ice Bolt, Ice Burst, Frost Nova, Glacial Point, Blizzard.

Cold Mastery (Level 30)

  • Effect:Increases the damage done by your cold attacks and pierces the resistance of enemies.

Best build for Sorceress

If you want to know the best builds for this character class, take a look at our guide to the best Sorceress builds .

For the Sorceress we recommend the constructions of: Icy Orb Sorceress and Meteorb Sorceress .

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