Guide;Sewers and area under construction in Resident Evil 3

We tell you how to survive in the Sewers and the area under construction in Resident Evil 3 Remake. With our help and a little luck, you can survive the zombie apocalypse.After managing to start the metro in the city center , a little scare has led us to the sewers. Because of course, everyone knows that going into the sewers in the middle of a zombie holocaust and with a giant bug chasing you is the best idea in the world. Anyway. How easy it would have been to get down the bloody gate and get on the train. Don’t worry, we’re going to give you a hand. Metaphorically. Nemesis wants to give you the literal hand.

Find a way to get back to the surface

Enter the safe room. In the lockers you will find Pistol Ammo and Shotgun Shells . On the table is a Red Grass and on the blackboard is the Map of the Sewers . We recommend that you take out the shotgun and ammunition . You will understand. Go the only way possible and you will see a closed door . Next to it will be the document Safety in the sewers . Go back a bit and go down the stairs to the canal, to drop down the slope.

Take the hand grenade that is passing the ladder that you have to the right. Go straight and shortly after entering the tunnel, the first Hunter Gamma will appear . Get out the shotgun and stay calm. The bug is slower than it seems, you have to wait for it to open its mouth to unleash a shot in the throat . You are going to need between 4 and 5 shots from a shotgun to bring it down.


Go straight after killing the monster, go up some stairs and you will reach another safe room. Here you will find, on a barrel, Explosive B , on a table the Assistant’s Notes , a little further down the Kendo Armory Receipt and, next to it, the MGL Grenade Launcher . Attention: keep Explosive B in your inventory, leave the knife in the trunk if you have it, and if you don’t have it, take out the Lock Pick, but leave a free space at least. Go back to the crossroads and turn left (don’t go up the ladder, it’s a dead end). Another Gamma will come your way , but one shot from the grenade launcher to the mouth is enough to take him down.

Go left at the intersection in the direction of the room marked “Laboratory”. Another bug will come out, repeat the process. Go forward looking to your right to find, on a ledge, some igneous grenades . Once in the laboratory, pick up the Battery in front of you, the document A love letter? on a table, in the area next to the lockers. Now, open the locker with the padlock. You will find Explosive A, which you must mix with B to create incendiary grenades with which to reload your weapon.

In the other locker you will find Gunpowder , and next to the table, a Green Grass . There is also quality Gunpowder in the corner, in an open cupboard. Exit the lab, go down the ladder and look to your right to find a Charlie .

Obviously, we carry excess baggage. Go back to the safe room, taking out another Gamma along the way, and leave the gunpowder and green grass if you don’t need them, but keep the battery, the grenade launcher and the pistol, for an emergency. Turn around, if you notice we have ignored the other path of the crossroads before the laboratory, the one behind a waterfall of … shit. You will find a box with Gunpowder , some Shotgun Shells and the Sewer Clerk’s Notes .

Return to the point where you dropped and, now yes, we are going to climb the ladder . Another Gamma will appear just before arriving, watch out. Once upstairs, use the Battery to open the door and take out another bloody supercharged frog.

Go around the walkway to the left to open the gate . Now you can pick up the Battery again and put it on the door of the Security Room . Inside you will find Gunpowder , Explosive A and a Fanny Pack . Exit the room, grab the battery, go to the bottom ladder to lower it, and place the battery on the last door. Going back to the trunk to leave excess luggage before moving forward is not the worst idea in the world, really. In principle you will no longer need the grenade launcher (just kidding: don’t put it away), but take your pistol, ammunition, some weed and, if anything, hand grenades.

As soon as you walk through the door and go upstairs, turn around . You will see another Mr. Charlie on the stairs.

Keep going up the stairs to see a sequence.

Escape from the creature

Run. And don’t give yourself a “Oh my God, someone save me, I’ve sprained my ankle and the monster wants to kill me”, no, RUN. You will have to dodge a couple of zombies to go under a metal fence that Jill will go down automatically.

The door in front of you is a secure room . You find a Green grass and explosive . You can combine the two Explosive A that you carry to create explosive grenades, they would not hurt. With the two igneous that should remain and these three you can go pulling. Go up the stairs, if you hurry you can pass the zombies and keep going up. Go up another floor and drop the planks to cross, without looking back . Climb the ladder. It gets interesting. Keep going up and don’t stop!

You will end up arriving at a trunk and a typewriter . We shoot with the grenade launcher with 3 explosive grenades and the pistol. Next to the typewriter you’ll find Demolition Delay Notice . Keep going up to the roof.

Defeat the critura

Start by going around the perimeter . On one side is a briefcase with a Green Grass and a Red Grass next to it. Behind the pallets there is a Green Grass , and from here behind, in a corner, you will see a briefcase with Explosive Grenades . On the other stack of pallets and boxes are Pistol Ammo , more Explosive Grenades, and a generator. The thing is clear: lure Nemesis to the generator, fire once with the pistol, and while stunned, fire a grenade or two into the container behind him . If you stay behind the boxes, it won’t hit you with the fire.

When you have done enough damage to the tank (two grenades), it will start moving faster, and now it spits flames into the sky , so it is not worth hiding, you have to run. Wait for the generator to recharge (the light turns green) and repeat the process. Above all, do not be nervous, there will always be a way to avoid the flames . In Standard, the tank will take six direct hits from explosive grenades, but will still lift again . Repeat the process, dodging, electrocuting him and grenade to the chest. If you just go around the generator box , it will have a hard time catching up with you. You will still have to hit three grenades for it to fall, so you should be able to afford a single failure.

Go back to the metro station

We have saved the skin. Go through the cars and grab the Pistol Ammo from the hood of the car before the fire truck. Climb onto the truck, go through the ladder, and go down the ramp to your right . Past the police car there is a briefcase with quality Gunpowder . It is not necessary to eliminate the zombies, the area is wide enough. Advance to the Kendo Weapons Shop and enter.

Inside you will find the Semi-Automatic Barrel (Shotgun) , Pistol Ammo , a Green Grass , Explosive B , Explosive A, and a Gunpowder canister . Go to the back of the store to see a sequence. Rearrange the inventory in the trunk, sure you have a ton and a half of gunpowder. Take the Kendo Key from the key box. You should take the shotgun with you , no extra ammo. Open the door to the alley (outside the store) with the new key and watch out, because the zombie next to the red grass will rise and from the background a tentacle zombie will come . You can consider luring them outside, so as not to use the shotgun.

If you have not exploded the red barrel, you can use it against them (the zombie-tentacle will not die, but it will give you time to flee from it). And if you have exploded it, at least you will have room to make them surround the entire area and take longer to reach you. Go through the alley and through the door, you will see a Charlie as soon as you enter .

Prepare the shotgun because when you go to the other side of the ground floor a zombie-tentacle will appear. Yes, we have made you come with the weapon solely for this, because here you have no way to escape nor can you take advantage of the environment. Two shots should suffice. Go upstairs and you will find a box with a padlock. Inside there will be explosive grenades . On the bed you can read Reader’s Column . Exit through the front door and proceed to …

Escape from the creature

One more time, RUN. No further explanations are needed, don’t worry, don’t turn around, it won’t kill you instantly even if everything points to yes. You just get out of there. Eye as you pass by the first zombie: Nemesis then yes you reach, ready to dodge . You will see that you cannot go to the garage and you must run to the electrical substation .

After the chat with Carlos, keep running , even if it seems that you are going to a dead end, and you will see another sequence. When it’s done, you can break the box next to it to get a First Aid Spray (which would be good after the blow). Then go up the scaffolding , to the roof of that warehouse with the safe, remember? Go down the stairs on the right side to the front of the donut shop. When you go up the stairs you will see another sequence, run down the stairs in the direction of the stairs you came from . The bug will appear right after the mess. Right now he can’t be shot down , just dodge the missiles and run down the alley to the station.

Go to the subway platform

After the umpteenth attempt to get the bug out of the way, head down to the station to watch a sequence. When it’s over, you’ll have to explore the Police Station .

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