Guide;Runes in Diablo 2 Resurrected

This is the complete list of runes available in Diablo 2: Resurrected, their attribute improvements and what are the best methods and places where you can farm them.

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  1. All runes and their attributes
  2. How to create runes with the Horadric Cube?
  3. Best methods and places to farm runes

The runes are one of the items that more time we spend farming back in Diablo 2: Resurrected . These small stones with magical inscriptions can be inserted into the sockets of different objects to obtain increases of attributes , so they are very useful to become more powerful. Most of all, the runes can be combined to create runic words , which are much more useful than using the runes independently.

In this entry of our guide we are going to tell you all the details about the runes , from which they exist, which attributes they improve and what are the best methods to get them all as easily as possible.


All runes and their attributes

Below you can check the 33 types of runes that exist in Diablo 2: Resurrected, their levels of requirements to use and also the attributes that improve if we attach them to weapons or pieces of equipment.

  • Note: we have sorted the runes by their required level, from low to high.


Rune Level Weapon bonuses Bonus on Chests / Helmets / Shields
THE D eleven ·         + 75% Damage to Undead

·         +50 Undead Attack Rating

·         15% Slower Stamina Drain

·         7% Chance of Major Block (shield)

THE eleven ·         +50 Attack Rating

·         +1 to Light Radius

·         +50 Attack Rating

·         +1 to Light Radius

IRR 13 +2 mana after each kill +2 mana after each kill
NEF 13 The Target Goes Back +30 Defense Against Missiles
ETH fifteen -25% Target Defense Regenerate mana 15%
ITH fifteen +9 to Maximum Damage 15% of Damage Dealt affects Mana
SUCH 17 +75 Poison Damage over 5 seconds ·         Poison Resistance 30%

·         Poison Resistance 35% (Shield)

RAL 19 Adds 5-30 Fire Damage ·         Fire Resistance 30%

·         Fire Resistance 35% (Shield)

ORT twenty-one Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage ·         Lightning Resistance 30%

·         Lightning Resistance 35% (Shield)

THUL 23 Adds 3-14 Cold Damage (Duration 3 seconds) ·         Cold Resistance 30%

·         Cold Resistance 35% (Shield)

AMN 25 7% Life Stolen per Hit Attacker takes Damage of 14
SUN 27 +9 to Minimum Damage Damage Reduced by 7
SHAEL 29 20% Attack Speed ​​increased ·         20% Faster Impact Recovery

·         20% Greater Block Speed ​​(Shield)

DOL 31 The impact makes the Monster Run away 25% Refuel Life +7
HEL 33 Requirements -20% Requirements -15%
IO 35 +10 Vitality +10 Vitality
LUM 37 +10 Energy +10 Energy
KO 39 +10 Dexterity +10 Dexterity
FAL 41 +10 Strength +10 Strength
LEM 43 75% Extra Gold from Monsters 50% Extra Gold from Monsters
PUL Four. Five ·         +75 Damage to Demons

·         +100 Attack Score against Demons

30% Defense Enhanced
UM 47 25% Chance of Open Wounds ·         All Resistances +15

·         All Resistances +22 (Shield)

WRONG 49 Avoid Monster Heal Magic Damage Reduced by 7
IST 51 30% more Chances of getting a Magic Item 25% more Chances of getting a Magic Item
GUL 53 20% Bonus on Attack 5% to Maximum Poison Resistance
VEX 55 7% Mana Stolen per Hit 5% to Maximum Fire Resistance
OHM 57 + 50% Perfected Damage 5% to Maximum Cold Resistance
IT 59 20% Chance of Deadly Strike 5% to Maximum Lightning Resistance
SOUTH 61 Impact Blinds Target ·         Increase Maximum Mana 5%

·         +50 Mana (Shield)

BER 63 20% Crushing Blow Damage Reduced by 8%
Jah 65 Ignore Target Defense ·         Increase Max Life 5%

·         +50 Life (Shield)

CHAM 67 Freeze the Target Can’t freeze
ZOD 69 Indestructible Indestructible

Rune Categories

It should be mentioned that the runes have been divided into different categories of rarity by the community of players, which helps to know their chances of obtaining (which will be more or less frequent), as well as the quality of their bonuses and characteristics (which will be higher or lower).

  • The most common runes are:EL, ELD, TIR, NEF, ETH, ITH, TAL, RAL, ORT, AMN, SHAEL and THUL
  • Uncommon runes are:SOL, DOL, HEL, IO, LUM, KO, FAL, LEM, PUL, and UM
  • The rare runes are:MAL, IST, GUL, VEX, OHM, LO, SUR, BER, JAH, CHAM and ZOD

As you can get an idea, the runes considered the most common are the most abundant and easy to get. They are also used in some of the handicraft formulas. The uncommon ones have a value that varies depending on their bonuses and, finally, the rare runes are the most difficult to find and also the most expensive .

How to create runes with the Horadric Cube?

In case you don’t know, you should know that there is an alternative method to get the runes you want, since you can create them with certain formulas using the Horadric Cube . We recommend that you visit our guide to this object in which we show you how to get it and all its recipes for transmuting items . There you will be able to consult all the formulas to create runes.

Basically the runes inside the Horadric Cube can be created by combining other runes and also gems . It’s a great way to securely get a rune that we’ve been trying to get for a long time (since we don’t depend on the randomness of the game that way) or to take a rune to the next level.

Best methods and places to farm runes

The runes in Diablo 2: Resurrected can be obtained at any level of difficulty and in almost any area of ​​the game, be it defeating enemies, killing bosses, opening chests and more. Like all the items in the game, their appearance is random , so sometimes it can be a real headache to find the rarest or just the ones we need to improve our equipment.

Luckily, there are certain methods and places that make it easier to find runes of better quality or in greater abundance , so here below we want to show you what they are so that you can farm runes much more comfortably. Pay attention to the data:

  • Kill huge hordes of enemies –the simplest method of all, but also somewhat heavy. Simply dedicate yourself to visit areas of high difficulty where there are many enemies in large numbers and kill them all. Hopefully you will find a few runes cleaning the place.
  • In the Forgotten Tower, on the Countess level (Act I): thisis an excellent place to find the best rare runes, many enemies in this area drop them (including the boss) with high probabilities.
  • In the Arcane Sanctuary (Act II):here you will find enemy ghosts that have a greater chance of dropping rare category runes, this location is in the.
  • In Travincal (Act III):a highly recommended area to find some of the best runes in the game.
  • In the Forge of Hell (Act IV):a good area to get runes almost in a guaranteed way, although it is a somewhat slow process.
  • Visit the secret level of the cows: itis possibly the best area for farming runes, you will find many and of very good quality cleaning the place of enemies ( visit our guide to know how to access this secret level ).
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