Guide;Resident Evil 3 Remake Underground Hospital

We tell you how to survive in the Subbasements of the hospital in Resident Evil 3 Remake. With our help and a little luck, you can survive the zombie apocalypse.After Jill woke up in the Hospital , the last STARS member in town decides to follow Nicholai. It is clear that something is up, but we do not know for sure what it is. One of the doors of the building leads to a suspiciously hi-tech facility , so we are preparing to investigate.

Investigate underground facilities

From the previous part, we start in a safe room . Take the last fanny pack on the table.


Next to the typewriter you will find the Elevator Note . Open the double doors and go down the walkway to see “one thing” and take the explosive . Then drop down to the bottom. Take the elevator under the character you just saw and then something will happen.

Restore the elevator current

You can see the entire route in the video on these lines, but keep in mind that it is without taking objects . We have to find three fuses in the warehouse . Climb up the hydraulic platform (watch out for the zombie falling from above) from the bottom to find the first Fuse . There are some wooden boxes to your right. When you have it, go down the ladder next to the fuse. Be careful because two dogs will attack you . To your right is a small space with Pistol Ammo . Continue south-southeast, around the next platform, kill the zombie and sneak between the shelves . Right after doing so, look at theshelves on the right to see a Mr. Charlie .

Now lower the hydraulic platform . You will see that you can go through it to a briefcase, just behind, which contains the Portacartuchos (Shotgun) . Go back up the platform, grab the Pistol Ammo, and head west across the walkway. You will have to lift another platform to cross and go down the ladder after picking up the High Quality Gunpowder .

Now, be careful: you have to go very fast . As you approach the fuse, the metal box next to it will pop open and a bunch of zombies will pop out. Go full throttle to get the second Fuse and back off. When you do, a Hunter Gamma will appear, run to the ladder and it will not reach you. If you decide to kill them all, in the zombie drawer there are high-quality Gunpowder and Gunpowder x2 , and in the Gamma, a Green Grass .

Go back across the walkway and open the door to the east . You will find three zombies, and the Employee Note . Grab the shotgun shells, unlock the door to the safe room and go left . You will find a ladder by which you reach the second Fuse , protected by a Hunter. In the same corridor there is Gunpowder . Back up and go to the safe room. Take out a hand grenade if you want to make sure you don’t take damage now. Appear three zombie-tentacle to the panel closer to the fuse, strip the Granada, come quick before they get up and ends with the three escoepta to avoid problems. Then put the fuses and go up in the elevator.

Chase Nicholai

You will see that you are in another safe room . Approach the southwest corner, behind the console, and you will see a briefcase with the Extended Cannon (MAG) . Reorganize the inventory if you need to. Examine the console’s lit screen to read Incomplete Activity Log .
After the sequence, go after your partner. You will soon see a very dodgy thing and you will arrive at NEST 2.

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